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What to Wear With Leopard Print Shoes – 15 Ideas

By: Silvina Cupayolo |

Leopard prints never go out of style but should be combined properly because it is the protagonist of any outfit that we create with them, and can be clothing or accessories and complements such as a belt or shoes.

In this article I am going to show you 15 outfits ideas of what to wear with leopard print shoes, so you can get inspired and create beautiful and stylish outfits!

Take a look!

Shirt With Wide Sleeves

If you are looking for a relaxed, comfy, and trendy outfit, you will love this one. 

Jeans are always a good option and it looks amazing if you combine them with this shirt with wide sleeves and these fantastic boots.

Cotton Shirt and Mom Jeans

Another look similar to the previous one, but with mom jeans that are trendy and so comfortable!

It’s an outfit created with basic items that you should have in your closet, and add those boots that are a fire!

Midi Skirt

This midi skirt and top are an incredible option if you like sexy outfits because no one will be able to stop looking at you!

It’s a stunning all-black look with that touch of elegance thanks to those leopard print sandals.

Leather Corset and Pants

A very sensual outfit too, ideal to go to an important event and feel sexy. The amazing thing about the leopard print is that it gives the right touch of elegance and contrast that any look needs. 

Twill Shorts

This leather twill short looks amazing with leopard print sandals. It’s a basic, comfy, and trendy outfit ideal for hot days and you can add cute accessories as details. 

You will have an urban outfit and a casual style.

Black Coat

Thinking of wearing a coat but want to add some subtle color and look fashionable? Go for this choice: black coat and leopard print boots and you will be stylish!

Go for leopard print shoes!

Ivory High-rise Flared Jeans

The leopard print combines very well with nude or ivory colors, so these jeans are a great option if you like to dress in neutral colors and have a classic style but add a little color on your feet and feel original.

Green Straight-leg Pants

The green and brown color combination never fails and looks amazing. That’s why these green straight-leg pants are a great choice to wear with your leopard print shoes.

Plus, you can also wear it for more casual occasions with sneakers.

Leather Straight-leg Pants

You can’t miss these leather pants as they look amazing with leopard print shoes, to the evidence I refer!

Leather pants are a classic item and you can create a stylish outfit wearing them with your leopard print sandals or slippers.

Mini Skirt

With this midi skirt, you can create several outfits with style and feel amazing. Look how it looks with those leopard print shoes!

No doubt this is a great option, for example, to go to the office or a cocktail party.

Wide-leg Trousers

These wide legs pants are trendy and you can see they look amazing with leopard print sandals! It’s a cool and comfy outfit that you can wear to an important event as well as for an urban outing.

Go ahead and combine these pants with leopard print!

Denim Short

Jeans shorts and t-shirt or top is an outfit with basic clothing items, it’s a classic style with which you will look amazing, but if you want to add a little originality and delicacy, you can add these sandals.

Black Dress

Something you can’t miss in your closet is a black dress because you can wear it for several occasions. 

You can create outfits mixing textures, styles and adding accessories and complements. For example, you can wear it with leopard print sandals. You will be awesome and stylish!

Jean and Crop Top

The crop top is trendy so I have to mention it.  It is a versatile basic that you can use for all kinds of occasions: there are crop tops with glitter,  transparencies, cotton, and more options!

And of course, to your outfit with jeans and crop top, you can add leopard print sneakers or sandals and you will be stylish!


The leopard print looks perfect in a casual outfit, as you can see with these joggers and these sneakers.

Wear your joggers with these types of sneakers and you will have a very cool urban style!

To Wrap Up

You already have a lot of ideas to combine your leopard print shoes! And as you saw, there are outfits for all tastes and styles.

It’s just a matter of being creative when it comes to using this print in your looks. Don’t be afraid to mix textures, I can assure you that you will look awesome.

Leopard print shoes are easy to combine and look great with many colors. For this reason, I hope you all are already thinking about what occasions you will wear these cool outfits ideas!