16 Shoes to Wear With a Black Dress

By: Sarah Hodges.

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The black dress is a wardrobe staple and for that reason, surely everyone, or almost everyone, has at least one. With a black dress, you can get many outfits for any occasion, from simple to elegant, but maybe you don’t know which shoes to combine it with.

In this article, I will show you the types of shoes to wear with your black dresses according to your style and the occasion.

Take note of all the ideas below!

Shearling Slides


There can’t be anything more comfortable than walking around in these slides. If you are looking for comfortable, cute, and trendy shoes, these are a great option.

The combination with a black dress is fantastic because you can get a cozy look and a chic style.

Leather Slippers


Can we say that almost all of us love slippers, right? They are so cute and comfortable, and it’s the best option for those tall people who don’t want to wear heels.

You can add that touch of color to your outfit with a black dress, enjoy some summer walks, and also, of course, you can use it for office days.

Leather Sneakers


This look is trendy: wear a dress with sneakers. If you use a black dress and want to get a contrast, you can add white or nude sneakers and you will look amazing.

Who said you can’t be beautiful and comfortable at the same time?

Over-the-Knee Boots


With these boots and a short black dress, you will look great and super sexy. The over-the-knee boots are a classic, several years ago they were trendy but nowadays they are considered a basic item in your closet.

Of course, you can also wear them with jeans or other pants, and you will look fantastic!

Red Sandals


The red color is considered the color of passion, for this reason, you can’t miss it in your party look. Don’t know what to wear for an important event? Don’t worry, wear the black formal dress you have in your closet with red sandals and you will be very stunning!

The nude color combines very well with red, you can add accessories and complements in that tone.

Black Sandals with Square Heels


This type of heels is the favorite of many because it’s very comfortable and elegant. An all-black look: a black dress and black sandals, is a guaranteed success.

You can add a colored blazer as well as gold or silver earrings for contrast.

Black Leather Sandals with Straps


Another option to get a comfortable and relaxed outfit. This type of sandals is very versatile, just like the black dress.

You can wear it on an afternoon outing if you add a denim jacket, and you can also go out to dinner or attend an event if you add a more formal or delicate accessory or complement.

Pink Sandals with High Heels


Nude or pink is a color that combines in all outfits and with a black dress, you will look amazing and get a delicate and nice look.

These sandals are a wardrobe essential because they’re classic and very versatile!

High Heel Sandals with Pearls


We already know that black sandals are basic and versatile because you can use them on any occasion. But if you want something original, these sandals are for you.

The combination of these with a black dress looks amazing and you will get a delicate look, ideal for a more sophisticated outfit.

Closed Sandals


These sandals are ideal for the transition between seasons and are very comfortable. 

You can wear them for any occasion and using a tight black dress you will look stunning.

Mid-calf Boots with Transparency


These boots are a dream! It has all the details you need for a glamorous and delicate look: transparencies and glitter.  

And, of course, they look amazing in a black dress. I recommend being careful with the accessories or complements because the boots are the protagonists of the look.

Red Leather Mid-Calf Boots


One of the best combinations: red and black. If you have a black dress and you don’t know how to get a more original look, dare to add red boots. 

As I mentioned before, The nude color combines very well with red, you can add accessories and complements in that tone.

Slip-On Sneakers


Comfortable, classic, and basic sneakers, ideal to get a relaxed and simple look. 

Keep in mind that you can always add style, personality, and color with accessories and complements, especially for this all-black look.

Jute Espadrille Sandals


If you are looking to combine your black dress with comfortable sandals, this is a good choice. 

If you want comfort and also to get a casual and relaxed outfit, add a jute accessory, either shoes or a bag and you will look modern, comfortable, and cute!

Leather and Mesh Sneakers


This type of sneakers is trendy and ideal if you want to get a look with personality. You can use them with a short or long black dress, but if your style is classic I don’t think you will feel comfortable with these sneakers.

Sandals With High Jute Heels


As I said before, if you wear jute sandals or sneakers you will get a casual, relaxed and comfortable outfit.

This option, unlike the previous one, is a little more formal or elegant. Wear it with your black dress and you will look amazing and get a chic style!

To Wrap Up

After seeing all these options there is no doubt that there are many ways to combine a

black dress

with different types of shoes: sneakers, sandals, slides, and get a sporty, casual, elegant, and cozy outfit. You always should pay attention to accessories and complements, they are nice details for your look and make it nice.

Cheer up and give place to your creativity because surely you have in your closet everything you need to look amazing with all these ideas!