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16 Shirts to Wear With Mom Jeans

By: Silvina Cupayolo |

Many clothing items that were trendy in the 80s and 90s are back, one of them is the mom jeans.

Like all types of jeans, it’s very versatile, and this one, in particular, has a straight cut that makes it very comfortable and relaxed, but even so, you can also use it for more important or formal occasions. That will depend on the t-shirts or shirts you wear and the complements and accessories.

If you have in your closet a pair of mom jeans or you are thinking about buying one, I show you 17 shirts to wear with mom jeans.

Take a look!

Denim Jacket

Denim is very versatile and adaptable for any occasion. If you have doubts about combining denim + denim, look at this outfit with a denim shirt and mom jeans, it looks amazing! Go and mix both textures. 

It’s also a timeless outfit, you can wear it at any time of the year.

Cotton Top

If you want a relaxed and comfy outfit, this is ideal. Cotton top and mom jeans with sneakers: classic look with which you will always be chic and cute. 

You can add a nice belt as detail and complement.

Bodysuit With Sleeves

Bodysuits are trendy, they’re very comfortable and make you look sensual. This bodysuit with long sleeves simulates a delicate shirt, so you can use it for a formal occasion.

Combine it with a pair of mom jeans and you will look stunning!

Lace Bodysuit

This type of bodysuit is very sexy. If you want to look amazing and sensual for an important event this is a great choice.

Go for this outfit and combine transparency with a pair of mom jeans.

Black Shirt With Transparencies

You can wear black mom jeans with a black shirt and have an all-black outfit and look gorgeous!

If you are looking for color contrast, you always have the option of adding accessories or complements to your look.

Cotton T-Shirt With Prints

We all have cotton t-shirts in our closets and they always look good with jeans. It’s a classic look that never fails and you can use it with sneakers, boots, a blazer, leather jacket, among other options.

Long Sleeve Crop Top

You can wear mom jeans with a long sleeve crop top and have a classic and relaxed look, ideal for those days when you want to be comfortable and cute at the same time.

Red Tie-Back Top

With this tie-back top, you will look sensual and it looks great with mom jeans. Go ahead and wear red and you won’t regret it, it’s a color that gives a lot of style to your look.

Striped Cotton T-shirt

This outfit is a navy style that never goes out of style! It’s a must-have basic in your closet and looks fantastic with mom jeans.

Off-the-shoulder Bodysuit

As you can see there are many bodysuit options and this one is beautiful and sensual! If you want to look delicate try the combination of mom jeans and an off-the-shoulder bodysuit. 

Close-Fitting Top

This is a very cute and original top. If you are looking for a creative and modern shirt this outfit is a great choice to look amazing with your pair of mom jeans.

White Basic Shirt

A versatile, timeless item that you can wear with any pants. It looks great with a pair of mom jeans. Being a neutral color, you can add some nice colored accessories.

Animal Print Shirt

Ideal outfit for those who love to wear animal print. If you wear this shirt with mom jeans I recommend you not to add many accessories and complements because the animal print is the most striking of the look.

Silk Crepe de Chine Shirt

This shirt is a nice option to wear with your mom jeans. With this combination, you will have a chic style and you will be comfortable and cute to go to the office or go out with friends.

Wool Top

This top is a basic that solves the problem when you don’t know what to wear and looks nice with mom jeans. You can add a necklace or a colored belt for contrast and you will look beautiful!

Silk Blouse With Sequins

With this beautiful colorful blouse, you will have an original and delicate outfit. I recommend that in our closet we have many basic items that allow us to achieve many looks but I also recommend having blouses or shirts like these to look amazing!

To Wrap up

Surely you are already inspired by all these ideas to wear your mom jeans. There are many ways to combine it, from basic and classic t-shirts to more original and delicate shirts, you just have to dare and give room to your creativity.

Mom jeans are trendy and I think they are here to stay, so you can’t miss at least one of them in your closet!