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16 Shoes to Wear With Mom Jeans

By: Silvina Cupayolo |

We already know that jeans are very versatile, timeless and for those reasons, they’re a basic clothing item that we all have in our closet and that solves our outfit most of the time.

But when we talk about mom jeans, being high-waisted and with tapered legs, you might be asking yourself: Can I wear any kind of shoes with mom jeans? And the answer is yes, of course!

Here are 16 options of shoes to wear with mom jeans and look amazing.

Take a look!

White Leather Sandals With Thin Straps

These sandals are ideal if you want to show off your mom jeans and at the same time look delicate and attractive.

The thin straps give the touch of elegance you need in your outfit. Also as they’re white, you can combine them with any color. 

White Leather Sneakers

The most comfortable combination that never fails: mom jeans and sneakers. And these white leather sneakers in particular are a basic clothing item that you should have in your closet. 

You can also wear them with other types of jeans, pants, and other items because sneakers are versatile.

Natural Color Sandals

A great choice to wear with mom jeans if you want to create an elegant and fashionable outfit. 

These sandals are very feminine and you will have a harmonious and delicate look.

Black Pointed Toe Boots

These boots will look great with mom jeans and you will be amazing, modern, and delicate.

These pointed-toe boots stylize the silhouette, give the necessary touch of delicacy to your outfit, and are also timeless that can even you use in summer with shorts or a skirt.

Black Sandals With Square Toe

Classic and elegant square toe sandals that will look great with mom jeans. It’s an ideal choice for your office looks, to go to a birthday party or an important cocktail.

The combination of jeans with sandals is a choice that never fails and you will always look awesome.

Leather Moccasin

Moccasins are also a basic clothing item because they adapt to any outfit. And of course, with a mom jeans looks fantastic.

You can create a modern, relaxed, comfy look and look amazing!

Ankle-cuff Sandals

These sandals are ideal for a simple and fresh outfit that looks great with your pair of mom jeans. 

You can create a relaxed look by wearing a cotton t-shirt or you can choose a shirt with transparency and be elegant.

Leather Ballerinas

Ballerinas are a classic and ideal if you don’t want to wear sneakers but you don’t feel comfortable wearing sandals or boots. 

Ballerinas and mom jeans are a good option to have a comfy and fashionable look.

Ankle Boots

These boots are so cute! They’re classic and look great with any jeans, like mom jeans.

Also as I mentioned before, nowadays boots are trendy in summer, so you can wear them in all seasons and these ankle boots are a great option! 

Sneakers New Balance 

The sneakers New Balance are trendy and look amazing with mom jeans.  It’s a relaxed and fashionable outfit, ideal for a weekend. If you love sneakers, you should have these!

Black Suede Mules

If you aren’t a heel lover and want to wear some more delicate shoes, you can choose these black mules. They are very cute and look great with mom jeans. Don’t know what to wear to go to the office or a casual event? Choose this outfit and you won’t regret it!

Leather Clogs

Clogs became popular in the 1970s and 1980s but like many other items, they’re back. You may be imagining these clogs with bell-bottom jeans, but luckily they also look great with mom jeans, so go for a retro style!

Chelsea Boots

Are you looking for a classic boot that you can wear with everything? I can introduce you to these Chelsea boots: I dare say they’re a must-have in your closet and also are versatile that you can wear them not only with mom jeans, but with long dresses, short dresses, skirts, and many other options! 

Leather Slides

There is no doubt that if we are looking for comfort, slides are a great option. They’re versatile and if you combine these leather slides with mom jeans you will have a fashionable and relaxed outfit!

Suede Platform Flip Flops

Platform Flip Flops and mom jeans: an amazing summer outfit. Do you want to create a fashionable look for the hot days? This outfit is the right one, you will be comfortable and with a cool casual style!


They never go out of fashion. If you are looking for classic sneakers, not so big and colorful, these are a good choice for you. Of course, Converse looks great with everything that’s why you won’t regret it if you go for them!

To Wrap Up

There are many shoe options to wear with mom jeans and for all tastes! From the most basic and simple to more delicate like sandals and boots. 

With these 16 ideas, you will surely be ready to wear your pair of mom jeans and use them on many occasions. Go for the mix of casual and formal!

As I always say, the key to creating an outfit is in the choice of accessories and complements, and shoes are a very important part of a look.