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What to Wear With Thigh High Boots – 16 Outfits Ideas

By: Silvina Cupayolo |

Thigh high boots have been a classic for many years and many women still choose them for several reasons.

One of them is that they give a lot of sensuality to an outfit, generating confidence and also stylizing the legs and look amazing.

If you have a pair of these boots in your closet or you are thinking about buying one, I’m going to show you 16 outfits ideas of what to wear with thigh high boots, and you will be surprised by so many ways to combine them.

Take a look and get inspired!

White Pants

White pants are a basic item that gives elegance to your outfit and you can wear it all year round, don’t think that it is only used in summer.

You can wear it with thigh high boots in a similar color and stylize your legs, or in a dark color and achieve a contrast.

Knit Dress

This is a great choice if you want to create a sexy outfit and turn heads.

You can wear your thigh high boots with this knit dress to show off your curves and have confidence in yourself. You will look amazing!

Leather Pants

A foolproof outfit: leather pants and thigh-high boots. This garment is basic in your closet and versatile that you can wear on many occasions.

You can wear it with these black boots stylizing your legs, but it also goes with any color or design. Go for it!

Oversized Sweater

Of course, the oversized sweater adapts to many outfits, so if you combine it with your thigh high boots you will have a trendy look and you will be fantastic.

You should have one of these sweaters, they are a great ally in your closet.

Leopard Print Dress

Leopard print has been trendy for many years, it never goes out of fashion and you can see it not only in clothes but also in accessories and complements.

This leopard print dress is beautiful and very sensual. Wear it with a pair of thigh high boots and you will look sexy!

Knit Dress With Front Zipper Closure

This dress is original, fashionable, and comfy, ideal to create an urban outfit but at the same time with a touch of delicacy.

Look how it looks with thigh high boots! Undoubtedly it’s a look that doesn’t fail. Go for this combination!

Ruffle Dress

The black dress is a basic clothing item that you should have in your closet, that’s why I have to mention it among the options.

Also, this one, in particular, is original and you can wear it with a pair of thigh high boots and be stylish.

Two-Piece Mini Dress

If you want a versatile garment that you can wear in different ways, this two-piece mini dress is an ideal choice.

First of all, because the whole outfit is sexy and looks great with thigh high boots, and also you have the option to wear each part separately: with jeans, shorts, tops among others.

White Shift Dress

A basic, simple, comfortable, and adaptable garment for different occasions: a white shift dress. 

And of course, it’s a basic item that you can wear with thigh high boots and look charming and delicate. Go for this outfit and you won’t regret it!

Asymmetrical Skort

If you dare to wear short skirts, go for this asymmetrical one and you will be super sexy.

With thigh high boots you will get a sensual look with a unique style.

The good thing about this type of boots is that they make your legs look slender and with this skirt, you can show them off!

Two-Piece Sweater Dress

This two-piece dress is similar to the one I showed you before but this one is sweater style, warmer, and with an original black and white print.

You can also wear the two pieces separately and create a lovely and amazing outfit combining it with your thigh high boots.

Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is trendy for being a versatile and cool garment. You can wear it as you see in the picture, as a dress, add a belt and wear it with a pair of thigh high boots. 

You also have the option to wear the dress open with a t-shirt underneath and with jeans or shorts.

Go for a shirt dress and you will show off it in so many ways!

Skirt With Front Buttons

This button-front skirt never goes out of style and you will always look sexy with it.

And even more, if you add thigh high boots! If you want to look sexy and confident, go for this great outfit and you won’t regret it.

Silk-satin Maxi Skirt

Another way to be sexy and elegant is to wear this silk-satin maxi skirt with that slash that adds sensuality to your outfit. 

To complete this charming look, wear this skirt with a pair of thigh high boots. This outfit is on fire!

Metallic Shorts

If you like flashy looks and you want an original style, you can go for this option: metallic shorts and a pair of thigh high boots.

A modern outfit with a unique style to look amazing. Go for the metallic garments, they are very cool!

Turtleneck Mini Dress

Do you think you can’t look fashionable and sensual on cold days? Check out this outfit! A beautiful warm dress and thigh high boots: a winter outfit that never fails.

And if you add a stylish coat you will look gorgeous!

To Wrap Up

After seeing all these ideas, you will surely realize that you can wear your thigh high boots in many ways and look sexy, fashionable, and stylish.

There are many types of these boots: suede, leather, printed, etc, whatever the design you choose, can adapt it to many outfits.

Most of these options are basic garments that you can wear on different occasions, also with other shoes.

Go get them and go out to the street to show how beautiful you look with these outfits ideas!