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What Color Shoes to Wear With Navy Dress – 15 Ideas

By: Silvina Cupayolo |

The navy dress is a classic garment with an amazing color that gives elegance and sophistication to your look.

For this reason, it’s very important to know with which color shoes to combine it, so you don’t ruin your beautiful outfit and look stunning.

Luckily, there are many color shoes to wear with a navy dress and below I’m going to show you each one of them.

Get inspired with all these ideas!

Black Knee-high Boots

These knee-high boots can be present in any look, and you can see that with navy dress looks amazing. 

These boots are considered a basic item as they are versatile and can be combined with any outfit. You won’t regret it!

Black Sandals With Gold Tone Chain 

Are you looking for classic black sandals but with some nice details? 

These are a great option and ideal to wear for a special occasion. You will look amazing and with a unique style! Go for these sandals and wear them with your beautiful navy dress.

Nude Sandals With Delicate Ties

A great option to combine your navy dress: nude shoes. And look at these sandals, they are gorgeous! 

Besides, you can wear them with other garments as it’s a subtle, delicate color that can be matched with any outfit.

White Sandals

Of course, the white sandals are also a basic item since you can combine them with any garment and with a navy dress it looks perfect.

It also looks great for a total white look. Go for it!

White Stilettos

Another type of white shoes: the stilettos are a great ally if you want to add delicacy to your outfit.

You can wear them with a navy dress, but you can also combine them with jeans and you will look fine and beautiful.

Caramel Brown Boots

The combination of blue and brown or caramel is amazing. With your navy dress and these boots, you will create a harmonious and fresh outfit. 

Go for a dress with high boots, it’s trendy and you will look fantastic!

Light Nude Booties

As I mentioned before, the blue and nude combination is perfect! And if you wear a navy dress with flowers in pink tones with these nude booties as we see in the image, it achieves a harmonious and delicate look.

I recommend that everyone has nude shoes in the closet!

Silver Satin Sandals

If you have a party or an important event, and you are going to wear a sensual navy dress, you can wear it with silver sandals and you will have a glamorous, delicate, and sexy outfit.

This look is a fire!

Green Satin Sandals

If you like to go out of the classic, and you love colors, this option is perfect for you!

Green and blue, fantastic, isn’t it? 

You can combine these green sandals with a navy dress and you will have an original, cool and stylish look. And of course, you will be stunning!

Snake Booties

Another great choice if you want to get out of the classic combinations. Snake shoes are amazing and never go out of style.

Look how beautiful snake boots look with a navy dress. I’ve convinced you, haven’t I?

Yellow Stilletos

And I continue with the options for those who dare to wear these stunning combinations!

If you want to achieve an eye-catching outfit, I do not doubt that this is an excellent option. The yellow shoes give a lot of personality to any look.

Black And White Sneakers

A pair of shoes with the two most classic colors never fails, right? That’s why it’s also a good idea to combine it with your navy dress.

This outfit is very trendy and urban style. If you want to be comfortable, go for it!

Army Green Chelsea Boots

These army green Chelsea boots are a great ally to wear with your navy dress and with any other garment, so you can create different outfits.

As I have said on other occasions, these boots are a classic item that you can’t miss.

Tan Suede Sandals

The tan sandals are very cute and classic to wear with your navy dress. Both colors combine perfectly and you will have a cool, comfortable, and stylish look.

Pvc Sandals

Pvc sandals are trendy, and we can see them very often in the fashionista world.

If you like to be fashionable, go for them. Being transparent, you can combine them with any garment and create cool outfits.

To Wrap Up

I’m sure you are now inspired and more confident to wear a beautiful navy dress, right? 

As you saw, there are ideas for those who have a more classic style, and also for those who dare to combine stronger and eye-catching colors. They are also versatile shoes that you can adapt to various outfits. No doubt they are great acquisitions that you will not regret!

The navy dress is a noble garment that makes it easy to combine and that will make you look beautiful and radiant. 

Go for these shoes and enjoy your gorgeous look style!