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How to Wear Ankle Boots With Jeans – 16 Ideas

By: Silvina Cupayolo |

Ankle boots are classic and basic items that we can’t miss when you create cool outfits, for casual and formal occasions. Just as you should have sneakers for a relaxed and urban look, ankle boots are also a must-have. They are stylish, very versatile as well as timeless, and look amazing with jeans.

So, if you are looking for and thinking about having these beautiful boots to wear with your jeans, here I show you 16 options that you will love!

Take a look!

Black Leather Boots

Black boots can’t be missing in our closet, we can use them in any outfit and with this black mom jean looks amazing. 

Don’t hesitate to wear black ankle boots with jeans and a blazer, it’s an infallible combination!

Brown Leather Boots

Brown boots are also a classic, and these, in particular, are so beautiful! If you want to look elegant go for them.

You will have a chic and delicate look, and you can combine them in many ways!

White Leather Boots

Many times we think of white as the color of summer, but it’s not true, look at this outfit! White ankle boots look amazing in winter, with jeans or any other garment. Of course, you can also wear them in summer with shorts or skirts. Go for these booties!

Boots With Ruched Leather Details

If you are looking for a pair of classic black boots but with a touch of personality, this option is perfect for you. They are very elegant and look amazing with jeans. To show off the detail of the boots you can combine them with skinny or leg jeans.

Mid Chelsea Boots

These mid-Chelsea boots are perfect for a casual, urban and relaxed outfit. They are classic but at the same time cool and fashionable. For this reason, you will look amazing if you combine them with jeans. You will have a chic and cute style!

Pointed Toe Leather Ankle Boots

Beautiful classic boots that give elegance and delicacy to any outfit with jeans. You can create an ideal outfit to go to work or to go to an event. 

As you can see in the picture, these look amazing with short-leg jeans but it’s also perfect to wear with wide-leg jeans.

Platform Leather Boots

These platform boots are a fire! Combine them with a pair of jeans to create an urban and cool look. If you want to be comfortable and fashionable but don’t want to wear sneakers, this option is perfect!

Heel Leather Ankle Boots

These boots with a platform are so cool! Match them with a pair of jeans to create an urban and stylish look. If you want to be comfortable and fashionable but don’t want to wear sneakers, this option is perfect!

Pointed Toe Boots

Go for white boots! They are very cool and ideal to wear with dark jeans if you want to get contrast or also with white pants and have an all-white outfit.

You can wear it to work or to an important event and you will be so cute!

Nude Pointed Toe Ankle Booties

As I mentioned before, light-colored boots are a must-have! And these nude ones are a fire, super delicate, and cool! You can combine them with any outfit and you will look stunning with these nude ankle boots and jeans!

Blue Suede Boots

These boots are amazing, delicate, and very fashionable. If you already have boots in classic colors, don’t hesitate to have this pair of blue suede boots in your closet.

Besides, it slims the figure and if you combine it with jeans, you will have a very elegant outfit!

Olive Green Booties

These olive green booties are beautiful and are ideal if you are looking for a different color than the typical black or brown boots.

This color is easy to combine and they look great with any kind of jeans. Go for these cute booties!

Studded Boots

If you want to give a touch of personality and originality to your outfit, these studded boots are a great choice. 

They are classic but the studs make a cooler look, and if you like the dark style, they are perfect for you!

Rain Boots

A pair of rain boots can’t be missing in your closet, they save you for those ugly days when you don’t know what to wear and don’t want to ruin your nice shoes.

Go for this option: rain boots and jeans, a great and classic combination.

Trimmed Suede Boots

These boots are perfect for winter, you will be warm but with a fashionable look. 

It’s a great option to wear with jeans and a nice coat. You will be comfortable and look amazing with this chic outfit!

Cowboy Boots

These cowboy boots are always trendy, that’s why I advise you to have a pair in your closet!

They look great with jeans or any other type of pants for cold days, and you can also have a super cool outfit if you wear them with shorts and skirts.

To Wrap Up

You probably went crazy with all these options of ankle boots! This type of boots is beautiful, comfortable, and ideal if you aren’t a fan of wearing high boots. 

Also, you can adapt them to any look you choose, they add delicacy and make you look elegant and chic.

I insist that you have to have at least one pair of ankle boots in your closet, you won’t regret it.

Now the challenge is to choose which one or ones to keep!