What I Wore Skiing in Aspen: The Ultimate Ski Edit

By: Emily Whitehill.

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- 4 min read

Ah, Aspen! The name itself conjures images of pristine slopes, luxurious après-ski scenes, and, of course, the quintessential ski fashion that’s as much about performance as it is about style. Recently, I had the pleasure of carving my way down these iconic mountains, and let me tell you, choosing what to wear was no small feat. In this ultimate ski edit, I’ll take you through my Aspen wardrobe, from the slopes to the lodge, with a focus on both form and function.

 A full-length image of a young woman with light brown hair, wearing a sleek white ski suit with fur-lined hood, standing in a snowy urban setting, late afternoon light.

The Essentials: On the Slopes

When it comes to hitting the slopes, your outfit needs to tick three boxes: it should keep you warm, dry, and allow you to move freely. For me, the foundation of any great ski outfit is a high-quality, insulated ski suit. This year, I went with a stunning white ensemble that not only kept me cozy but also stood out against the snowy backdrop of Aspen.

Layering is key in any winter sport, and skiing in Aspen is no exception. Underneath my ski suit, I opted for a lightweight, thermal base layer that provided warmth without the bulk. Over that, a fleece-lined turtleneck added an extra layer of insulation.

 A full-length image of a young woman with auburn hair, wearing a black thermal base layer and a grey fleece-lined turtleneck, urban snowy background, early morning.

Accessorizing for the Slopes

No ski outfit is complete without the right accessories. For headwear, I chose a sleek, black helmet for safety, paired with matching goggles that featured anti-fog technology to ensure clear vision throughout the day. To keep my hands warm, I went with waterproof gloves that had touch-screen compatible fingertips—a must for capturing those Instagram-worthy moments without exposing your hands to the cold.

But let’s not forget about the boots. Ski boots are arguably the most critical piece of gear for any skier. My choice? A pair of high-performance boots that offered both comfort and precision on the slopes. They were a game-changer, providing the perfect balance between stiffness for control and flexibility for comfort.

 A full-length image of a young woman with dark hair, wearing a black helmet, ski goggles, and holding waterproof gloves, urban snowy setting, midday.

Après-Ski Chic

After a long day on the slopes, there’s nothing quite like the après-ski scene in Aspen. It’s a chance to unwind, sip on hot cocoa (or something a bit stronger), and mingle. For these occasions, I always aim for cozy chic. This year, I fell in love with a chunky, oversized knit sweater paired with slim-fit, thermal leggings. The sweater, adorned with a classic Nordic pattern, wasn’t just warm; it was a statement piece that caught the eye.

Footwear is crucial here too. I swapped my ski boots for a pair of stylish, insulated winter boots that kept my feet warm and dry, without sacrificing an ounce of style. And, to add a touch of glamour to my après-ski look, I chose a pair of delicate, gold hoop earrings and a soft, faux-fur headband that kept my ears warm while elevating the entire outfit.

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From Slopes to Streets

Aspen might be famous for its skiing, but its town is equally charming and worth exploring. For a day off the slopes, I embraced a more urban chic look. I chose a tailored, down parka that hit just above the knee, offering warmth without the bulk, paired with sleek, leather leggings that added a bit of edge to the ensemble. Underneath, a soft, cashmere turtleneck kept me warm and added a touch of luxury.

Accessories played a key role in this outfit as well. A pair of suede ankle boots with a sturdy block heel made walking through Aspen’s snowy streets a breeze. To complete the look, I opted for a structured leather tote bag—perfect for carrying my essentials while adding a sophisticated touch to my outfit.

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The Takeaway

Dressing for a ski trip to Aspen, or any winter destination, doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style for function. With careful planning and strategic layering, you can create outfits that are both practical on the slopes and stylish off them. Remember, the key is to choose pieces that offer warmth, comfort, and a touch of your personal style. Whether you’re carving down the mountains or exploring the town, with these tips, you’re sure to look and feel your best.

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Aspen is a playground for both the avid skier and the fashion-forward traveler. With the right gear and a bit of creativity, you can navigate its snowy slopes and cozy lodges in style. So, next time you’re packing for the mountains, think beyond the basics and curate outfits that will make you shine, from the first lift up until the last run down.