The latest trends in urban chic style

By: Emily Whitehill.

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- 2 min read

Every season witnesses the evolution of fashion, but rarely do we see the remarkable blend of comfort and style quite like the urban chic trend. Rife with attitude and a seemingly effortless sophistication, this style is here to stay, dictating the paces of high-street fashion.


As shown in the image, the urban chic style is an amalgamation of a working woman’s structured wardrobe with the laid back ensembles typically found in street style. Distressed jeans – once considered a symbol of rebellion – have now found their way into the urban wardrobe, when paired with structured pieces, the rebellious quality is toned down, instead oozing an air of casual rebellion.

In the bustle of city life, practicality becomes paramount. As such, a large, versatile tote bag not only accommodates the urban woman’s needs but also contributes an additional layer of fashionable flair with chic leather or faux leather alternatives. Meanwhile, the graphic tee adds just the right pinch of informality, breaking the monotony of more classical pieces in the process.

Moving on to accessories in urban chic. Often, less is more. Accessories should ideally blend seamlessly into the overall ensemble, enhancing rather than overpowering the look.


Our second image reflects the carryover of minimalism into accessories that urban chic embraces. An oversized wristwatch in gold, or perhaps rose gold, serves as the statement piece, while the variety of slim rings add an element of intrigue.

What we ascertain from these images is that urban chic style straddles a fine line between the seemingly contradictory casual and formal realms of fashion. Stripped away from the extraneous, it relies on carefully chosen, high-quality pieces that serve functionality and are suitable for a wide range of settings. Distinct yet subtle, it testament to the dynamism and versatility of modern-day fashion trends.

The urban chic trend is a master class in understated elegance, a testament to the power of minimalist statement pieces. It is the style of the maverick, making peace with the turmoil of city life, one fashionable stride at a time. The city streets are their runways – and urban chic, their unbeatable style.