Why I'm Obsessed With Mixing Metallics for Daytime Glam

By: Caroline Westbrook.

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- 3 min read

Hey, fashion lovers! It’s Caroline here, and today, we’re diving into a trend I absolutely cannot get enough of: mixing metallics for that perfect daytime glam. Trust me, it’s a game-changer.

 A full-length image of a young woman with wavy brunette hair, wearing a metallic silver skirt paired with a gold sequin top, standing on a city street, morning light.

The Magic of Metallics in Daylight

Metallics have this unique way of catching the light, creating a shimmer that’s hard to ignore. But who said they’re only for the night? Breaking the rules and bringing them into the daylight is where the real fun begins. Imagine walking down the street, your outfit catching the sun with every step. It’s not just fashion; it’s a statement.

Metallics aren’t just about silver and gold. We’re talking rose gold, bronze, metallic blues, and even greens. The spectrum is wide, and the combinations are endless. The key? Balance and a bit of boldness.

How to Mix Metallics Without Looking Overdone

The trick is in the mix. Start with one metallic piece as your base. It could be a skirt, a blazer, or even a pair of shoes. Then, layer in another metallic in a different color. Remember, contrast is your friend here.

But here’s where most get hesitant: won’t I look like a walking disco ball? Not at all. The secret lies in choosing pieces with different textures and finishes. A matte gold paired with a shiny silver can create depth, making your outfit multidimensional rather than overwhelming.

Accessories: The Icing on the Metallic Cake

Accessories are your playground. A metallic bag, shoes, or even jewelry can tie your look together. But remember, moderation is key. Choose one or two statement pieces and let them shine.

 A woman with sleek black hair, holding a metallic clutch in one hand and wearing metallic strap sandals, standing on a cobblestone path, bright afternoon sun.

Think of metallic accessories as the punctuation in your fashion statement. They’re there to enhance, not overpower. A metallic belt cinching a dress, metallic earrings dangling as you move - these are the touches that elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

Daytime Glam with Metallics: Real-Life Inspiration

Now, let’s talk real-life inspiration. Celebrities and influencers have been spotted mixing metallics for daytime events, coffee runs, and even in their street style. It’s a trend that’s accessible, adaptable, and absolutely stunning.

 A young woman with short curly hair, wearing a metallic copper jacket over a metallic silver dress, casually seated at a café terrace, soft morning light.

Seeing these looks in action can be incredibly inspiring. It’s a reminder that fashion is about experimentation, about finding what works for you and owning it. Metallics, with their versatility and vibrancy, offer a playground for those willing to explore and express themselves boldly.

Why Metallics Deserve a Spot in Your Daytime Wardrobe

Incorporating metallics into your daytime wardrobe is more than just embracing a trend. It’s about breaking the mold, daring to stand out, and adding a touch of magic to your everyday life. Metallics have a way of lifting your mood, boosting your confidence, and making even the most mundane days feel a bit more special.

 A young woman with long blonde hair, wearing a light metallic gold top and metallic silver pants, leaning against a bright colored wall, late afternoon sunlight.

So, why am I obsessed with mixing metallics for daytime glam? Because it’s a celebration of individuality, a testament to the joy of fashion, and a way to bring a little sparkle into the everyday. And in a world that often feels grey, we could all use a bit more color and shine.

Remember, fashion is about having fun and expressing who you are. So, why not add a little metallic into your mix and see where it takes you?