My Journey to Embrace Color Blocking for Head-Turning Outfits

By: Caroline Westbrook.

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- 2 min read

Hey fashion lovers, Caroline here! Today, we’re diving into my personal journey with color blocking. It’s been a wild ride from monochrome maven to a queen of colors, and I can’t wait to share how you too can make heads turn with bold, beautiful outfits.

 A full-length image of a confident young woman with wavy brunette hair, wearing a bright red top, cobalt blue pants, standing against a simple, white background, midday.

The Beginning: Fear of Color

Like many of you, my wardrobe used to be a sea of black, white, and grey. The thought of mixing red with purple? Terrifying. But here’s the thing: fashion should be fun, and color blocking is the playground.

The First Steps

I started small. A mustard scarf with a navy dress. A teal belt on a burgundy skirt. Suddenly, my outfits weren’t just outfits; they were statements.

 A young woman with short, curly hair, wearing a mustard scarf, navy dress, teal belt, and burgundy skirt, against a light grey background, morning.

Understanding Color Theory

To really get into color blocking, I had to revisit the color wheel. Complementary colors (opposites on the wheel) became my best friends. Think cobalt blue and fiery orange – a combo that screams confidence.

The Experimentation Phase

This is where things got wild. I mixed textures and shades, from satin emerald pants to a matte lemon blouse. It was a game of trial and error, but when I found the right combo, it was magic.

 A young woman with sleek black hair, wearing satin emerald pants, a matte lemon blouse, against an urban brick wall background, late afternoon.

Bold Moves: Accessories and Shoes

Don’t forget the power of accessories. A lavender handbag or cherry red shoes can elevate your color block game to new heights. It’s all about balance and bravery.

The Power of Monochromatic Color Blocking

Yes, color blocking can work with shades of the same color. Imagine a pale pink blouse with a deep rose skirt. It’s subtle yet stunning.

 A young woman with long blonde hair, wearing a pale pink blouse, deep rose skirt, standing in a sunlit garden, morning.

Today: Living in Color

Now, I can’t imagine my wardrobe without bursts of color. It’s not just about standing out; it’s about expressing who I am. And the best part? The compliments never stop.

 A radiant young woman with flowing red hair, wearing a bright yellow jacket, electric blue jeans, against a vibrant city street background, evening.

Embracing color blocking has been a journey of self-discovery and confidence. Start small, understand the basics, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Who knows? You might just find your true colors along the way.