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How to Wear a Puffer Vest – 16 Ideas

By: Silvina Cupayolo |

Do you have a puffer vest in your closet but you find it hard to wear it? Or do you want to buy one but you don’t know how to combine it?

It’s a striking clothing item, so it will be the protagonist of your look, but there are many ways to wear it and for different occasions. It not only looks great for casual events, but you can also add it to your elegant outfits. 

In this article, I’m going to show you 16 ideas on how to wear your puffer vest.

Go for this type of vest that is trendy, modern, and I assure you that you will be amazing!

Check it out with these options!

Black Crop Top 

You can’t miss this black crop top among the options. It’s a trendy and versatile garment, you can match it with everything and it looks great with your puffer vest. 

In this picture, you see a more sporty look, but you can adapt it according to your tastes and use it with other pants and shoes.

Knit Top 

A top similar to the previous one, but ideal for colder days because it has a high neck and you don’t have your belly uncovered. And this puffer vest is a dream!

This top looks great with the camel color as you can see in the model but being black it goes with everything! It can’t be missing in your wardrobe.


A sweatshirt is a basic clothing item. It’s a garment with simplicity and comfort that you can combine in any of your outfits, and luckily, it also looks great with a puffer vest. With this combination, you will have a relaxed and cool look.


Leggins, puffer vest, and boots: an outfit that will save you on more than one occasion! Do you want to be comfortable and fashionable? Go for this look, it’s ideal for a relaxed day and if you want to feel cute and cool!

Oversized Sweater

This outfit is fire! The combination of a puffer vest and the oversized sweater looks awesome. You will look fashionable. You can wear it with a skirt like in the picture, super sexy! or with any kind of pants or jeans.

Knit Sweater

About this knit sweater, I can say the same as with the tops. It’s a basic, timeless, and versatile clothing item that will solve many outfits. 

Wearing it with a puffer vest is a great idea, and you can get it in three beautiful colors: brown, green, and black.

Leather Overshirt

The leather overshirt is trendy, and just like the leather jacket, it’s considered a wardrobe essential. It’s very versatile, you can wear it with a jogger or even with a dress.

And of course, it couldn’t be missing in an outfit with a puffer vest! It looks fantastic and you will be fashionable.

White Shirt

You should have at least one white shirt in your closet, it’s a wildcard for many outfits! If you don’t know what to wear under your puffer vest, this shirt is a great choice, it always solves the outfit for any kind of event!

Puffed Sleeves Sweater

This sweater is an ideal and trendy option to wear with your puffer vest. The detail of the sleeves gives it elegance and will stand out by combining it with the vest. A nice outfit to look gorgeous!

Denim Shirt

I couldn’t forget to mention a look with a denim shirt. One of the cutest and most fashionable basics items. Just like the white shirt, you should also have a denim shirt, it looks good with any outfit, and the puffer vest is no exception!

White Pants

Wearing white pants gives you elegance, freshness and gives life to your outfit. Maybe you think that white pants are only used in summer but no! You can wear it all year and create many looks, that’s why it’s so versatile and timeless. With a puffer vest, it looks great and cool!

Cargo Pants

A different style from the previous one. Cargo pants are now trendy, as well as joggers and sweatpants. If you are looking for a fashionable, relaxed, comfy, and casual outfit, this is a great choice. It’s very cool!

Cotton T-Shirt

White cotton t-shirt, another essential basic in your wardrobe. You can wear it with any look (except for a formal party, of course), under a sweater, with a leather jacket, under a shirt, and of course with a puffer vest.

Turtleneck Sweatshirt

Nowadays, sweatshirts and hoodies are trendy and it’s an ideal option for any casual occasion, where you want to feel comfortable but also stylish and modern. Match this sweatshirt with a puffer vest and you won’t regret it!

Black Boots

With your puffer vest, you can wear any kind of shoes, and boots are a great option. If you want to create a casual look with your vest but give it a touch of elegance, try these black boots, they are beautiful and you will wear them in many outfits!

Jeans + Sandals

If you love jeans, look how good it looks with a puffy vest! And if you add some sandals, you will give elegance and style to your outfit and you will be radiant. Dare to match basic garments with a more striking and original garment, like the puffer vest.

To Wrap Up

The puffer vest is a garment with personality and it’s also comfortable and fashionable. 

You can create very cool and chic outfits by combining your puffer vest with basic clothing items.

No matter what style you have, always an outfit with a puffer vest will be a good option. If you dare, you can match it with bolder garments, but if you like classic looks, you have many ways to combine your vest.

Don’t waste any more time and show off your puffer vest with these 16 amazing ideas!