Corporate Chic: Fashion Tips for a Polished and Professional Look

By: Emily Whitehill.

Published on

- 2 min read

We all know that work environments come with certain dress codes. However, while maintaining a professional look, who says we can’t spice it up? Here is your guide to revitalize your work wear with style and sophistication, while keeping it all corporate chic.


Walking into your office and hearing the soft click-clack of your heels against the pristine floors sets a certain rhythm to your day. That sound exudes confidence, strength, making not just a physical but also a psychological statement. And ladies, nothing screams corporate power like a tailored blazer. This navy blue blazer in the image isn’t just clothing, it’s armor, it’s confidence, it’s who you are. Pair it with a crisp white button-down shirt, and you’ve got a powerful look delivering the message, loud and clear, that you are here to take charge.

Now that we’ve got the top sorted, let’s move on to the bottom half. This is where you can get a little creative while still staying within the boundaries of corporate chic.


Our next image shows a tastefully done ensemble, consisting of a dark grey textured pencil skirt, cinched at the waist with a thin gold chain belt. The belt not only adds a touch of class but also accentuates the waist, giving the outfit more structure. The black pumps maintain the classic professional tones while adding a bit of height and elegance. Notice the black leather briefcase by her side - a must-have for the corporate chic look.

A corporate chic look doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous. It’s about making smart choices and knowing how to incorporate and balance neutral and darker tones. Remember, the key is to keep the look minimalistic, but effective, just like you, ruling your corporate world.