LIFESTYLE: Global Warming? Go Green

Posted on | September 16, 2011


Tired of the heat yet? With Dallas recording more than 100 days at temperatures of more than 100 degrees and I have to say I’m giving a little credence to the whole “Global Warming” thing. Are we possibly bringing the heat upon ourselves by polluting the earth?

Little did we know this was just the beginning.


What more inspiration do you need to start looking for ways to incorporate organic, earth friendly living into your daily lifestyle? It is days like this that we need to ask ourselves…  Is green the way to go? Are we being “organically correct?”  Being smart about recycling and our sustainability? We can start being more responsible by looking for organic beauty and fashion products. Granted it’s really not that easy. There aren’t huge billboards on our highways that showcase the best organic companies.Searching thru the aisles at Target for “green companies” is somewhat like looking for a needle in a haystack. Though I must give Target credit for occasionally passing out reusable totes and supporting the idea of a green earth.

Target Reuasable Tote


Besides The Body Shop it’s sometimes hard to find those organic treasures out there.  Plus side, it’s definitely a hunt worth searching for. As we use fluorescent bulbs and recycle and bring our own bags to the grocery store, it’s also time to start finding “green” items for our everyday use.  Start small… but definitely start something that lasts.


Finding the best and most organic brands isn’t an easy feat.  If we’re not a full time tree hugger at heart, this may be a challenge we don’t invest much time into. Well how about we start? Here are a few green products we’ve found. We’d love to hear which products you love.


  1. Simply Organic Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner from Simply Organic Beauty

BONUS: When you place an order at you can get a FREE lip balm at checkout…one of the best products I’ve ever used.


Simply Organic Lip Balm


2. Rising Tide Fair Trade has some great organic bags. I LOVE this Tangerine Beach Tote. What a great bag for summer!!! And best of all, it’s organic!


3. Looking for organic Lipstick? How about the sheer lip tint from Clark’s Botanicals – a natural and gorgeous glow!


4. You can even find organic sunscreen (Which you should be wearing everyday during this blistering heat). Check out Marie Veronique Organics for some amazing coverage! And it’s kid friendly.


Marie Veronique Sunscreen

5. Start at home by recycling your own styling. Repurpose old charms to create your own charm bracelet. Or use broken jewelry to create a cool frame. A few years ago when the jeweled collar trend was all over the stores I used pieces of broken vintage jewelry to create my own. Look for ways you can repurpose items you no longer use.

Recycled Jeweled Collar


Managing Editor: Karen Yannacio Morse


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