Valerie Elizabeth, founder of Society Stylist® and creator of The Little Black Dress Experiment™ – as seen on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The WB and online at Yahoo, AOL and The Today Show- is a fashion stylist, ambassador for GLAMOUR Magazine, Lucky Magazine Alpha Shopper, spokesmodel, author of “The Dress Diaries” and editor of the Society Stylist fashion blog. In June 2009, she was announced “Face of Dallas” by D Magazine and Max Factor Cosmetics; in December 2009, she was named finalist in AOL, BlueFly & StyleList’s “America’s Most Stylish Blogger” competition and in August 2010 she was recognized in WWD Women’s Wear Daily: “Marketing’s New Rage: Brands Sponsor Influential Bloggers”

Valerie Elizabeth hosts the webisode “Style Sermons” and is a regular style contributor on ABC’s Good Morning Texas. One of her favorite GMT segments was The 2010 Oscars Red Carpet: Best & Worst. She has hosted multiple segments for ABC’s Beauty on a Budget; has had her work profiled on an episode of ABC’s national style show Mirror, Mirror in April 2010 and recently filmed a segment with Mirror, Mirror profiling her Little Black Dress Experiment, highlighted her “Little Black Dress Experiment” Tours America.

Her upcoming book, “The Dress Diaries…31 days in my LBD” chronicles The Little Black Dress Experiment as Valerie Elizabeth, fashion maven and personal stylist, challenges the traditional rules of fashion. In August of 2009, Elizabeth spent 31 days in her little black dress to illustrate how by looking at a wardrobe creatively— and utilizing accessories and trend pieces to create different many unique looks— classic staples become a canvas for a look rather than the statement pieces themselves.

Society Stylist, is a full service styling firm devoted to helping clients identify their personal style; which must be comfortable, manageable and most importantly, uniquely theirs. The company employs a “start with what you have” philosophy, and believes in refining, restyling and streamlining a client’s wardrobe so their favorite boutique is right behind their wardrobe doors. When shopping for and with clients, the goal is to educate and empower clients to select pieces with meaning, style and staying power.

A native of Los Angeles and a graduate of Pepperdine University, in Malibu, Valerie holds a degree in Public Relations and Business Administration and was awarded the prestigious Helen Pepperdine Award for volunteer service. An avid philanthropist, Valerie actively supports need based charity organizations throughout the US and around the world. When she is not on the road, Valerie lives with her family, in Dallas.


Styling Philosophy: At Society Stylist, we strive to help our clients indentify their personal style; it must be comfortable, manageable and most importantly, uniquely theirs. We believe in refining, restyling and streamlining your wardrobe so your favorite boutique is right behind your wardrobe doors. When shopping for and with our clients, our goal is to educate and empower our clients to select pieces with meaning, with style and with staying power. We encourage our clients to buy what they love and make it their own. At Society Stylist, we are styling society one wardrobe at a time. Will you be next?





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At Society Stylist we want to help you find the style that suits you, makes you feel good about yourself and let’s you look at your closet every day as though it was your favorite boutique. After responding to many inquiries concerning what personal styling services we offer, what our rates are and what we can do for our clients, we have put together a list of our most commonly used services.

Watch this 4 minute clip from ABC’s national style show Mirror, Mirror to see a brief “beginning to end” overview of a recent “Wardrobe Cleanse” with one of our favorite clients, Brittany Tiner:


The first step to becoming a Society Stylist personal client is to set up an initial consultation. This gives you 90 minutes of focused time to go over your wants, needs and goals in working with us. The next step is to do a “Wardrobe Cleanse.” One of the primary things that makes our styling services unique is we start with what you already have. By going thru your current wardrobe it allows us to get a real feel for your style, find out your likes and dislikes and also gives both us and you insight into what is actually already in your closet— there is a lot of “Oh, I totally forgot I had that!” Another unique service we offer is the virtual closet that can be accessed from an iPhone or computer so we can see your wardrobe from anywhere in the world and assist with planned or last minute wardrobing needs.

Our services begin with the first two steps in the transformation, Once our clients “The Initial Consultation” and “The Wardrobe Cleanse” there are a variety of services we offer on an a la carte basis.


90 minutes included

The first step in the styling process is to meet with one of our stylists so they can assess your current wardrobe and discover how we can best work together, to meet your styling goals. You will receive a pre-consultation questionnaire and instructions explaining what you can do to prepare for your meeting. The more you prepare the more time it will give us to concentrate on styling you. Your stylist will also assess what level “Wardrobe Cleanse” you will need. For clients who are “out of town” this is typically done via phone consult. You will receive email preparation instructions to get ready for your wardrobe cleanse.


Minimum of 10 hours

During your initial consultation your stylist will recommend which “Wardrobe Cleanse” you will need based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the following: The size of your wardrobe, the condition of your wardrobe and closet including space and storage issues, sorting needs, resizing and restyling needs and much more. Please do not attempt to purge your wardrobe before we get there. Often we can restyle or reuse items that you may have otherwise discarded. We will provide you with directions on how to properly prepare for your “Wardrobe Cleanse.” Each wardrobe cleanse includes the following:

The Actual Cleanse: we will go thru your entire wardrobe and give a sort and style assessment of every piece (items must be present to be included.)
This will include determining what to keep, what to “archive” (pack for later in case it comes in style again or for the sentimental type pack up pieces to be saved as mementos,) seasonal items to pack away, what to have cleaned, what needs repairs or tailoring, what to donate or consign and also what wardrobe needs we identify as we go along. Our goal is for everything in your closet to be wearable, today. So you can identify your favorites and not waste time sifting through items you don’t like, that don’t fit or that need cleaning or repair. Let’s find the wardrobe you LOVE. We always want to start with what you have so we don’t end up shopping for an item that is buried in the back of your closet…admit it, you’ve done it.

Restyling Report: we will provide a report including items to be restyled, tailored, dyed, re-buttoned, cleaned etc.

Fashion Resolution Report: We will provide a list of recommendations of items for you to purchase in the future to fill in or replace items that have lived past their prime. This is something we will create with you as we go through your wardrobe and identify places you want to work on.

Donations: We will drop off your donated goods for you and upon request provide a donation receipt as well as a complete donation report (in both printed and electronic form) as well as photographs of donated items, for your tax records.

Repairs: Drop off and delivery of your repair items. If you are out of town you can either go to your preferred vendor with our repair recommendations list or we can take them to our local vendors and ship them to you upon completion.

Consignment: should you wish to consign any items you wish to get rid of with us we can provide a consignment agreement for you. We provide a check for a 50% split after sales expenses.

When we put your closet back together again we will “merchandise” it so every time you open the doors your wardrobe looks like an amazing boutique. We work with you to place items where they are most accessible to you, how you use them and will allow you to truly wear what you have by  encouraging you to first “shop your closet.” Expenses for supplies such as hanging, shoeboxes, storage bags, etc are billed separately.

A LA CARTE SERVICES Available on an hourly basis, the following services are available to purchase a la carte by clients who have completed a “Wardrobe Cleanse”

PACKING SERVICES can be purchase in one-hour increments. Our stylists will help you select appropriate pieces for your vacation or business trip. We also provide packing services for local or long distance moves.

WARDROBE DOCUMENTATION includes photographing of your entire on hand wardrobe, uploading into an online database so you can access it from your phone when you are out shopping or you can call us forstyling advice and we can “look” thru your virtual closet. We also provide you a copy of the photographs on a flash drive to put in a secure place for insurance purposes, should you ever have a need for it. Note: most women have undervalued their wardrobe, jewelry collections and are not properly insured. Have you updated your policies recently?

SPECIAL EVENT STYLING Our stylist will help you create a unique look for your upcoming special events. Available in one-hour increments.

PERSONAL SHOPPING/CONCIERGE SERVICES are available both with and without the client. One of our stylists will accompany clients to search for and select new styles or select them, independently, on behalf of the client. Shopping services, independent of the client, are available for a discounted rate, are billed in quarter hour increments and are available to clients who have updated billing information on file.

DEBUTANTE WARDROBING and image consulting for girls preparing for or going through debutante season.

PAGEANT STYLING for contestants who will be competing in local, state or national competitions. We can assist with all areas of preparation including interview training, on stage preparation, runway, fitness preparation, hair and make-up styling and training, and of course all elements of wardrobing.

We offer a host of additional styling services including styling for fashion shows, television, video and photography shoots. Valerie Elizabeth is also available for speaking engagements, group presentations and event appearances. CONTACT US for corporate pricing sheet.

REPAIRS: All wardrobe updates and repairs are sourced and will be billed at fair market rates upon receipt of invoices from repair vendors.

TRAVEL: Out of town clients are responsible for all standard expenses including hotel, airfare, ground transportation, per diem.

*Personal styling and corporate services rate sheet available upon request.