GRAND LUXE: Styling the Cover

Posted on | January 27, 2011


LIKED IN 2010: Styling the Cover

Styling the Grand Luxe Cover Shoot. As with any photo shoot there were “treats” to deal with throughout the day.


For instance no bathroom or appropriate place to change at one location, a house under construction- literally as we shot- and of course a dare devil model who wanted to shoot feet above the air in stilettos while wedged between the fireplace vents. As the third look began the weather started to turn, which in Dallas can and did happen quickly. The chilly air was accompanied by a lovely breeze though which was just enough to make the gown billow but not enough to damage her hair. The final shot was full of unknown elements but was actually the quickest to shoot, two people, three dogs and an uneven surface outdoors, it turned out brilliantly if I do say so myself. A long day, as most magazine shoots are we easily transitioned from one shot to the next maintaining the fast paced schedule to get in every venue and finish before we lost the daylight. Here are some of the “behind the scenes” pics from throughout the day.



A shot with one of the chemist’s at the lab, that didn’t end up making it into the magazine.


The model scared the heck out of me getting up there in heels but the pictures turned out amazing. Funny thing about shoots is sometimes there isn’t enough space for all the great pics.



I LOVE this picture. IT is great they she truly is in the middle of a construction site but the final look of the image with her in the doorway next to the beautiful wood door turned out amazing.


And the final pic which took place at the end of the day as the light was waning and the weather had turned freezing. Creating a serene park like setting with three dogs in the middle of a construction site, all it takes is a little imagination.


LIKE IN 2011: The final product

Tonight Grand Luxe hosted a party revealing the new issue. Seeing the cover shot poster size was incredible. You can’t see me in the cover image but I really am there. I am positioned behind the model in the shot, holding up the Chado Ralph Rucci cape to give that editorial edge to the look.


The article opening with this door shot is stunning, I wish they had let the door run all the way to the edge of the page though rather than squeezed some wording in on the edge, would have allowed for the look of the actual image to have a great impact. Oh…and if you were to zoom into the bottom of the page where the wording is in black, that’s where the styling credits are!!!!


Amazing how three shots can sum up the majority of what someone has been working on this year. Launching a skin care line, working with the ladies of the Junior League of Dallas as the top fundraiser for the league and planning the upcoming Junior League Ball as the Ball Chair. So much to do in such a short time. And now there are just 31 days to the ball.


Each look turned out really well and I have to credit the dogs for posing really well. The final picture truly is a great encapsulation of their family.


So for those of you who think a magazine layout is just snapping a few pictures and writing a few words here is just a small taste of what goes into actually putting together just one of the layouts.


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  1. yvonne crum
    January 30th, 2011 @ 10:31 AM

    This cover is awesome… to say the very least.. the styling is amazing and the model so beautiful inside and out.