Day 22: In My Little Black Dress

Posted on | August 22, 2009



What is “The Little Black Dress Experiment” all about? Read the introduction here.



Check to make sure you are wearing the same shoes before you go out the door each morning. After about 2 hours of being out for the day, lunch followed by school shopping, I noticed I was wearing two different shoes. Ooops. Even those of us who style make mistakes but it is another reminder that I need more sleep. Or better yet, maybe it could be a new trend?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What styles do you wear for running around town?

LOCATION OF THE DAY: Not far from where I fell asleep, this was at the end of a long day 



THE DRESS: “The Valerie Shift” designed by Elli Grace. Black cowl neck, sleeveless, knit dress.

WHERE TO BUY: Available online now at Elli Grace

PRICE: $150


MODEL: Deco Glamour

WHERE TO BUY: Available at MICHELE retailers include Neiman MarcusNordstrom and

PRICE: $3,295 Deco Glamour Diamond with Cheetah Glitter Patent Strap for $100.

ABOUT THE PIECE: The Deco style is one of the top seller’s for MICHELE. The Deco Glamour just seems like a perfect match for me, right? Bringing together two of my favorites MICHELE & Glamour. This month I’ll be pairing this watch head with a variety of straps from my strap wardrobe to showcase how changing the strap on your watch can change not just the look of the watch but often the look of the outfit as well. The strap is the Cheetah Glitter Patent strap.


HANDBAG: Michele Inez 

ABOUT THE PIECE: My bag is obviously the black version but it available at in a beautiful pearl version. Retail is $595 but if you can find any more in the black at Nordstrom it was marked down 50% off. This is the bag featured in The Dress Diaries sketch. 

TOP: Rubbish Tank in Heather Grey

ABOUT THE PIECE: I purchased this at last year’s Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale for about $9. I love this brand as the tanks are very durable. They cost about $9.00.

BELT: Leopard print scarf

ABOUT THE PIECE: This grey and black leopard print scarf is a lightweight chiffon type fabric. I found this in my mom’s closet when I went searching for some animal print styles. She purchased it at Stein Mart for about $15.

SUNGLASSES: Michele Flamingo Zebra Print

ABOUT THE PIECE: These black and white zebra sunglasses carry the vein of safari into the Fall. The attractive light weight glasses are priced competitively at $138 and available at Nordstrom and


ABOUT THE PIECE: I received these grey leggings (Express Footless Ankle Tights) as a gift for a promotional event I did with Express denim last Fall. Retail is $14.50 and if you’ve ever shopped at Express you know they go on sale and BOGO often.

SCARF: Grey Soft Cotton

ABOUT THE PIECE: I bought this lightweight grey scarf after receiving a similar one for Mother’s Day Gift and thinking how useful and versatile they were…not to mention, well-priced. The scarf came from Target and cost about $12.99. Target has a great selection of scarves and wraps at very affordable price points.

RING 1: Silver Flower

ABOUT THE PIECE: I received this cute silver floral ring as a congrautlations gift from one of my BFF’s when I won Max Factor Face of Dallas. It is a fun and flirty style but funny story I thought I might have to leave it on permanently when I got it stuck on my finger today…panic, panic, panic. LOL.

RING 2: Jeweled Silver

ABOUT THE PIECE: This chunky silver bag is set with dark charcoal grey jewels in a funky, rustic setting. It was a gift from another friend for Christmas. I believe it came from Dallas market and that she paid about $10, maybe less. She always has great fun pieces so I told her to just get duplicates the next time she went and this was one of the fun rings she brought me back.

HANDBAG: Michele Inez 

ABOUT THE PIECE: My bag is obviously the black version but it available at in a beautiful pearl version. Retail is $595 but if you can find any more in the black at Nordstrom it was marked down 50% off. This is the bag featured in The Dress Diaries sketch. 

SHOES: Havaianas Sandals

ABOUT THE PIECE: I purchased these Havaianas Swarovzki crystal flip-flops at Theodore at The Grove. They cost about $150. I have worn them for a little over a year and amazingly no crystals have fallen off, the soles are still in good shape and they still look great. Not to mention they are comfortable. Certainly I agree that’s a bit steep for a pair of flip flops but this brand makes many styles and their classic solid sandal is a much more affordable $18.


At 9PM tonight after trying multiple stores I found not only a copy of the September Vogue but also the September D Magazine. I’d been getting messages that my Max Factor Face of Dallas party was featured in there but hadn’t seen it yet. Boy did I have a lot of make up on but it looked flawless thanks to Nolan Roberts. I got a few messages this AM about being in the Dallas Morning News but wasn’t able to find a copy so if any of you have them laying around let me know.

Had an early lunch, followed by money saving with Tax-Free weekend then I squeezed in some unattended chores and the returning of lots of emails. Then we popped into Target for some back to school stuff and to scope out their fall product line. (It appears to be in major transition.) Then I did something fun and went to see Post Grad. A great flick…funny, emotional and maybe a little too close to home. Today I made it back down to the wood on my desk which was amazing and my hope is to see all the beautiful reflective surfaces in the room soon!!!

A few errands, including some back to school shopping at Office Depot, where they are giving away a bunch of free supplies if you spend $10, which you can hardly not do. Then back home for some more paper work before getting my nails done and having some Saturday night dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse. That place is straight out of a scene from a movie shot in Texas. LOL.

Got a few messages and calls today about people seeing me in Dallas Morning News or D Magazine but my favorite was one about someone from Oprah having seen my piece and being interested. Wow. Can’t share details but hopefully the right people there will here about it. Oh I told my son that this morning and tried to explain how much power (read: influence) Oprah wields. He asked if she was more powerful than the President. I said I wasn’t sure, then tried to explain how power can have different forms. I think it was way over his head.

Today’s look was very casual and great for running around town, like to do back to school shopping. I kept the scarf buried in my bag until it got chillier at night and boy was I glad to have it. Such a great week I am glad I took on this crazy challenge and I am excited to see what is to come.


4 Responses to “Day 22: In My Little Black Dress”

  1. karenymorse
    August 23rd, 2009 @ 11:14 AM

    As I run around town for errands and other appointments I want to be comfortable but that does not mean I have to neglect the style aspect! Its just as easy to be comfortable in a great dress with a simple necklace as it is to be in jeans and a tee. I generally gear towards summer flowing dresses in the summer to run around town and in the fall/winter I tend to wear more pants due to the cold. With either look I find comfort in my fashion.

  2. Karen
    August 23rd, 2009 @ 10:28 PM

    When I have a lot of errands to do around town, I need to be as comfortable as possible. If casual attire is proper for my errands, nice fitting jeans are my first choice paired with a fashionable top, and cute sandals (I try to wear matching ones on both feet). I think jeans can be made into a very attractive outfit, and definitely comfortable.

  3. Pam Boyd
    August 31st, 2009 @ 10:58 AM

    It makes me smile to know someone else has worn 2 different shoes. I did the same thing on my first job when I was holding an important meeting.

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    October 11th, 2009 @ 11:10 PM

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