Day 17: In My Little Black Dress

Posted on | August 17, 2009




What is “The Little Black Dress Experiment” all about? Read the introduction here.



If you plan to become stranded on a deserted island may I suggest you bring a pashmina. Seriously I think these things can be used for everything under the sun. I can think of one right now, curl it up in a ball and sleep on it…or use it as a blanket or wear it as a dress. Hmmm…Maybe next month should be 31 ways to wear a pashmina…check out the picture of the day and you’ll see my newest style.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is something creative you have done with a piece in your wardrobe?



THE DRESS: “The Valerie Shift” designed by Elli Grace. Black cowl neck, sleeveless, knit dress.

WHERE TO BUY: Available online now at Elli Grace

PRICE: $150


MODEL: Deco Glamour

WHERE TO BUY: Available at MICHELE retailers include Neiman Marcus (at North Park, ask for Laurie), Nordstrom and

PRICE: $3295 Deco Glamour, with SS Diamond Strap; $2695 Deco Glamour, head only; $200 White Alligator Strap

ABOUT THE PIECE: The Deco style is one of the top seller’s for MICHELE. The Deco Glamour just seems like a perfect match for me, right? Bringing together two of my favorites, MICHELE & Glamour. This month I’ll be pairing this watch head with a variety of straps from my strap wardrobe to showcase how changing the strap on your watch can change not just the look of the watch but often the look of the outfit as well. Today I paired it will the white alligator strap.


SHOES: Prada Cut-out Cork Wedge

ABOUT THE PIECE: These were one of my birthday gifts this year. Picked them up at the Nordstrom end of season sale for about 60% off retail.  Such a unique and funky pair of shoes, even though the heel is rather high the cork sole makes for a comfortable shoe.

EARRINGS: Elli Grace

ABOUT THE PIECE: Designer for Elli Grace, Sue Yang does amazing beaded work and present beautiful pieces of jewelry in her store. My new favorite is this pair of gorgeous silver and gold chandelier earrings. Not cheap at $72 (after the 20% off runway show discount) full retail $90, but absolutely stunning and worth every penny.

BELT: St. John White leather/burnished brass wide belt

ABOUT THE PIECE: While accompanying my husband to San Antonio for business in January I got to indulge in one of my favorite past times, outlet shopping. We made a brief stop at the San Marcos outlets where I discovered a St. John outlet with Target prices. I’ll be wearing a number of pieces from that amazing shopping trip throughout the month. I picked up this very versatile belt for just $18, MSRP $145.

SCARF: Target

ABOUT THE PIECE: I received this perfect light blue scarf for Mother’s Day from my parents. I absolutely love the shade of blue and it is so light and soft. The scarf came from Target’s spring 2009 line and cost less than $15. I cannot emphasize enough the versatility of these scarves, well maybe I can…check out today’s super unique look.



Wow so today started not unlike any other Monday. I got up, checked emails and began preparing for the week. Thought of a creative way to wear my scarf and I must say I think you’ll find today’s look to be interesting if nothing else. I went to a meeting to organize the planning for an upcoming charity event I am co-chairing for Kappa Alpha Theta. It will be an awesome Cinderella themed event sponsored by Taryn Rose and Michele and hosted at the Mansion and the Joule.

I ran a few errands and had just began my drive home when I thought to update “push email” on my phone. I received an email message from the AP writer stating that they had released my story about 4PM. I immediately pulled over to read it, as I thought it would be unsafe to both drive and read. And from that moment on it hasn’t stopped. The influx of traffic to my website doubled my typical monthly load within hours. Within an hour I’d been booked for an interview with NBC tomorrow. And about 11PM tonight I got notified by my web server that my website was going to need to be moved to a dedicated server. I think that’s good news. The stories on the web seem to multiply by the hour and I’ve gotten links from all over the place (thanks to all for sending those in) that the story is listed on USAToday, Today MSNBC, ABC, AOL, Yahoo and so many more. It is crazy to imagine that as I ate dinner, went to the gym, got a quick zap tan and did some work on the computer the story was sent to millions of people.

I am so excited to see where this story will go I hope we can reach many women across the US, and around the world, who have been feeling down on their looks or their budget and give them an encouraging boost of self confidence in themselves and their style. More than any style out there though, the number one thing people notice is how your feel about yourself. Speaking of feelings about oneself, I am proud to say I went to the gym to swim laps for the second time in three days. Yay! Since I have an interview with NBC in five hours I guess I need to go to sleep.  Hope you had a happy Monday!!!


4 Responses to “Day 17: In My Little Black Dress”

  1. Karen
    August 18th, 2009 @ 7:18 PM

    I inherited a beautiful collection of costume jewelry. I feel that these should be brought out and used, not stored. I wear some of the pieces occasionally in the way they were intended, but I try to bring them into my wardrobe whenever possible. One way I have used beautiful broaches is to place a sash at the waist or around the neck and hold it in place with the jewelry. I have received so many compliments on these pieces, and this is a wonderful way to give pizzazz to a LBD.

  2. karenymorse
    August 19th, 2009 @ 8:05 AM

    The latest creative endeavor that comes to mind is using vintage buttons to make jewelry out of. I found some buttons in my big button container and decided that I needed to do something with them. I ended up using a few of them, stringing them and making rings and other jewelry pieces with them. They were bright, unique and fun! Its refreshing to… Read More look for ways to use items that aren’t typical for that item’s original purpose – in fashion and in life! Using a silver coffee container (label removed) to be a planter today!

  3. Pam Boyd
    August 31st, 2009 @ 11:17 AM

    Great idea to write a blog about the many ways to wear a pashmina.

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