Day 11: In My Little Black Dress

Posted on | August 11, 2009



What is The Little Black Dress Experiment all about? Read the introduction here.


Having an “I don’t know what to wear day?” Pick one item and work your outfit around that. Each day I start with one piece, well one piece apart from The Little Black Dress, and build my outfit from that piece. Today I started with my lavender pearls, added the cross and duck necklace and then the purple belt and Michele watchstrap. Today was a bit unusual though. I normally pick my shoes first and work up from there. Whatever you focus in on, its always good to have a starting point.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What the first thing you select in an outfit?

LOCATION OF THE DAY: The lighthouse at The Harbor at Lake Ray Hubbard


THE DRESS: “The Valerie Shift” designed by Elli Grace. Black cowl neck, sleeveless, knit dress.

WHERE TO BUY: Available online, beginning August 10, at

PRICE: $150


MODEL: Deco Glamour

WHERE TO BUY: Available at MICHELE retailers include Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and

PRICE: $3295 Deco Glamour, with SS Diamond Strap; $2695 Deco Glamour, head only $120 Eggplant Lizard Strap

ABOUT THE PIECE: The Deco style is one of the top seller’s for MICHELE. The Deco Glamour just seems like a perfect match for me, right? Bringing together two of my favorites, MICHELE & Glamour. This month I’ll be pairing this watch head with a variety of straps from my strap wardrobe to showcase how changing the strap on your watch can change not just the look of the watch but often the look of the outfit as well. Today I paired it with the Eggplant Lizard Strap.


HANDBAG: Elli Grace

ABOUT THE PIECE: So today I had a two-day in a row repeat but the bag was so handy yesterday I with the day of meetings today it was perfect… I absolutely love this oversized white leather sloughy tote. Custom made for the new designer, Elli Grace, the leather is to die for. I think they may have one left in caramel so get it before it is gone. They are on sale now at Elli Grace $150 ,original price $250. A steal at full price, trust me.

BLOUSE: Xhiliration

ABOUT THE PIECE: I bought this lace top at Target about four years ago. IT cost me less than $10 and it happens to be the top I had on when my husband proposed. It is great to pair over dresses or tanks or under blazers.

NECKLACE 1: Lavender Pearls

ABOUT THE PIECE: Purchased these at the Kappa Alpha Theta Festival of Trees Charity Shop last year, for about $40. This is the second time I have worn them. I went thru a major pearl phase last year where I bought pearls of all sorts.

NECKLACE 2: Golden Cross

ABOUT THE PIECE: I purchased this necklace at the vintage shop Patina Boutique in Newport Beach late this Spring. Not the least expensive piece of jewelry, with a price tag of $40 but I great statement piece that I felt was worth it. Read more about Patina here.

NECKLACE 3: Duck Necklace

ABOUT THE PIECE: I purchased this necklace at a vintage shop Patina Boutique Newport Beach late this Spring. It was a steal at just $8. Though it is a vintage piece it is actually a fall trend piece as the animal charm necklaces are very popular right now.


ABOUT THE PIECE: Black Fendi glasses. I picked these up from Peepers in Highland Park Village last fall. I have light blue eyes which happen to be very light sensitive. I especially can’t have light pouring in from above my eyes (not sure why) so this explains why I wear such oversized sunglasses. Yes it actually is functional not just fashionable. My favorite new sunglass designer is Michele and I am looking forward to picking up a pair of their Miami sunglasses in black. I have them in the deep pink color they had for Spring. They are a great oversized style and have that signature Jackie O look to them, I love the coverage they provide. Check out the Miami sunglasses for yourself at


SHOES: Nine West Spectators

ABOUT THE PIECE: Black leather spectators. I bought these at the Nine West outlet just outside DC November 15, 2004. I bought two pairs, one in black and one in mauve with maroon toes/heels. The price was buy one for $29.99 and get one 50% off. I used to wear them all the time but they typically sit unused in the summer as I am so partial to sandals.

BELT: Purple Snakeskin

ABOUT THE PIECE: Purple snakeskin by Neiman Marcus. Purchased it at Buffalo Exchange Los Angeles last year summer when I was on a “purple” kick for about $4.


ABOUT THE PIECE: Though I have been focusing on using existing wardrobe pieces in this experiment I picked up these great gold and white bracelets at the Elli Grace fashion show last Friday. The price point? Just $15, and just $12 after the show discount!!! Buy a few and stack them together for a creative alternative to this look.


4 Responses to “Day 11: In My Little Black Dress”

  1. karenymorse
    August 12th, 2009 @ 8:04 AM

    The first thing I select in an outfit are the jewelry accessories. I feel that gives the outfit the direction it goes it – whether it be fun and light or classic or trendy… it makes the outfit. I recently have been playing around with other items of clothing to make the outfit such as in layering the look and that has been great to creating new ideas.

  2. Karen
    August 12th, 2009 @ 10:14 PM

    I usually select my shoes first. My activities for the day determine the shoe selection. Then I put an outfit with them, adding the clothing and then the accessories. The accessories can be used to give the outfit the “pop” it needs, pulling everything together. If shoes are not the first consideration, an outfit may develop that does not conform to the proper shoes for the day. But anyway, shoes are so awesome, outfits should be built around them!

  3. Pam Boyd
    August 31st, 2009 @ 11:40 AM

    I like to start my outfit with a basic top and build around that.

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