Day 6: In My Little Black Dress

Posted on | August 6, 2009



What is The Little Black Dress Experiment all about? Read the introduction here.



Does your outfit need a little “pick-me-up?” Add a pop of Kelly green or another bright color in the form of a scarf, bag, watch or pair of shoes. A little bit of color can go a long way.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What pieces do you favor when adding a little POP to your look?

LOCATION OF THE DAY: High above Downtown Dallas



THE DRESS: “The Valerie Shift” designed by Elli Grace. Black cowl neck, sleeveless, knit dress.

WHERE TO BUY:  Available online, beginning August 7, at

PRICE: $150


MODEL: Deco Glamour

WHERE TO BUY: Available at MICHELE retailers include Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and

PRICE: $3295 Deco Glamour, with SS Diamond Strap; $2695 Deco Glamour, head only; $200 Kelly Green Lizard Strap

ABOUT THE PIECE: The Deco style is one of the top seller’s for MICHELE. The Deco Glamour just seems like a perfect match for me, right? Bringing together two of my favorites, MICHELE & Glamour. This month I’ll be pairing this watch head with a variety of straps from my strap wardrobe to showcase how changing the strap on your watch can change not just the look of the watch but often the look of the outfit as well. Today I paired it with the Kelly Green Lizard Strap.


SCARF: Kelly Green Fringed Scarf

ABOUT THE PIECE: This great green scarf was a Mother’s Day Gift from my son. Good taste must be a “trait” as he would say. The scarf came from Target and cost about $12.99. Target has a great selection of scarves and wraps at very affordable price points.

BELT: St. John White leather/burnished brass wide belt

ABOUT THE PIECE: While accompanying my husband to San Antonio for business in January I got to indulge in one of my favorite past times, outlet shopping. We made a brief stop at the San Marcos outlets where I discovered a St. John outlet with Target prices. I’ll be wearing a number of pieces from that amazing shopping trip throughout the month. I picked up this very versatile belt for just $18, MSRP $145.

RING: Giant faux sapphire ring

ABOUT THE PIECE: This pear-shaped sapphire ring is one of my favorite gifts from my husband. He found it on eBay for about $100 and I have to say the surprise that he picked this out on his own combined with the fact that it is exactly my style makes it one of my favorite (if not my favorite) piece of jewelry.

SHOES: Prada Cut-out Cork Wedge

ABOUT THE PIECE: These were one of my birthday gifts this year. Picked them up at the Nordstrom end of season sale for about 60% off retail.  Such a unique and funky pair of shoes, even though the heel is rather high the cork sole makes for a comfortable shoe.


ABOUT THE PIECE: This black croc imprint leather handbag is a fave find. It is a great all season piece and is very versatile. The bag has a removable handle so it can be used as a plain clutch, a shoulder bag or the strap can be looped to make it into wristlet. I scored this bag on my San Marcos outlet trip in January. Unbelievably this St. John handbag cost just $65.

EARRINGS: Classic cubic zirconia teardrops by Nordstrom

ABOUT THE PIECE: I believe every woman should have at least one pair of basic CZ or diamond stud earrings. I am too afraid of losing an earring to wear real diamonds but either way this look is very classic and worth investing in. The standard shapes available include round, princess (square), emerald (rectangle) and pear/teardrop shape. Today I selected to wear the pear shaped earrings that are one of my classic go-to pieces. I purchase these earrings in the Spring of 2008 at Nordstrom NorthPark (while gift shopping for someone else…haha) for about $75.


What a fun day today was. I started out getting up rather early and heading down to the Mayor’s Back to School Fair to read in the “Book Nook.” The organizers had suggested we read for about 15 minutes but soon found that the children had an attention span of about 3 minutes. I began reading and discovered that Cinderella was a story about some mice and a cat. I ended up summarizing the middle 65 pages and wrapping it up with a good old…and they lived happily ever after. I had a moment to meet the mayor, he seemed very nice. I also was able to chat with a few girls from Junior League. I didn’t realize the Book Nook was a JLD project. Upon leaving I received a great call alerting me to the fact I will be interviewing tomorrow with the Associated Press at the Stoneleigh. The marketing gal at the Stoneleigh was awesome and so accommodating to arrange for us to use their space. (Note: it has been a dream of mine to live in their hotel penthouse.) After wrapping the Channel 8 interview we made a quick stop for lunch and fortuitously ran into Haley Schultheis from Mark Cuban’s and writer of the adorable blog Once we had all of the staging pieces packed back up we had to drive home, unpack and put them all away again. Indulged in a quick nap to recharge and then took my laptop and the kids to Shenanigans where I wrote while they played endless games in the arcade. Going to read a little fun fiction and then off to bed for me.




4 Responses to “Day 6: In My Little Black Dress”

  1. Karen
    August 7th, 2009 @ 12:07 PM

    I love bright fashion watches–of course, Michelle’s are awesome–but an alternatives can be found in odd places, such as the bright leopard and rhinestone number I scored at the church bookstore. Always be on the lookout for accessories that can give a POP to your LBD.

  2. Karen Morse
    August 7th, 2009 @ 2:08 PM

    Lately I’ve been trying to add a pop of color with a clutch/bag or a big, fun bracelet. I love the scarf, however, and wear them often. A great, girly and feminine accessory!

  3. Pam Boyd
    August 31st, 2009 @ 12:00 PM

    The scarf and watch are great to pop the outfit. I like to use jewelry for a pop of color also.

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    October 11th, 2009 @ 11:08 PM

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