Day 3: In My Little Black Dress

Posted on | August 3, 2009



What is The Little Black Dress Experiment all about? Read the introduction here.



Do you travel a lot? Look for multi-functional, wrinkle resistant pieces such as the sweatshirt dress I am wearing in today’s look. This budget friendly piece can be used as a cover-up, paired with jeans, and worn as a dress or jacket. Because these types of pieces are dual function they save space when packing.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What versatile pieces do you pack when you travel and how do you mix their use?

LOCATION OF THE DAY: Home Sweet Home, in the “EAT” Room



THE DRESS: “The Valerie Shift” designed by Elli Grace. Black cowl neck, sleeveless, knit dress.

WHERE TO BUY:  Available online, beginning August 7, at

PRICE: $150


MODEL: Deco Glamour

WHERE TO BUY: Available at MICHELE retailers include Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and

PRICE: $3295 Deco Glamour, with SS Diamond Strap; $2695 Deco Glamour, head only; $120 Golden yellow snakeskin strap

ABOUT THE PIECE: The Deco style is one of the top seller’s for MICHELE. The Deco Glamour just seems like a perfect match for me, right? Bringing together two of my favorites, MICHELE & Glamour. This month I’ll be pairing this watch head with a variety of straps from my strap wardrobe to showcase how changing the strap on your watch can change not just the look of the watch but often the look of the outfit as well. Today I paired it will the Golden Yellow Snakeskin Strap.


TANK TOP: SEED Supply Company

ABOUT THE PIECE: I am a big fan of the tanks by Seed Supply Company. The tanks come in a rainbow of colors, they are extra long and they hold up in the wash. Read my blog about their products here. Seed supply company products are available at Wal-Mart and are priced less than $10.

SHOES: Xhilaration

ABOUT THE PIECE: I love these casual flip-flops and have them in gold and silver…and a few pairs of each. These were available at Target in early Spring 2008 for just $12.99.

SWEATSHIRT DRESS: Norma Kamali Sweatshirt Dress

ABOUT THE PIECE: This adorable grey sweatshirt dress is a great layering piece. I have worn it as a dress, over jeans and as a pool cover-up. Quite a versatile piece, it is available in a variety of colors. $9.00 at Wal-Mart.



I woke up this morning to find a voicemail from my wonderful PR gal letting me know I’d been invited to do an interview tomorrow with CW33 about The Little Black Dress Experiment. Since we’ll be staging the interview offsite we spent a good portion of the day packing up the items to stage our closet at The Ashton tomorrow. Lots of thanks to The Ashton for letting us use their space. I remember the first day the property was cleared by the fire marshal and I moved in along with two others; we had the whole building to ourselves. A little strange to live in an empty building but now the property is bustling with residents, guests and activities. I also was confirmed to read for the Book Nook at the mayor’s Back to School Fair. I go on immediately before the mayor…he’ll have an easy act to follow (hehe). I picked up my strap selection today from MICHELE and I am so excited to begin using the various colors for this fun experiment. Today I wore the hot golden yellow snakeskin and it coordinated perfectly with the layering tank I was wearing. I spent the evening with family and enjoyed a bit of good old Dominos pizza. This outfit was very casual and perfect for a day around the house. I am always cold so the layering was a must. When paired with the sweatshirt it helped me not freeze when the air was turned down to keep all those warm bodies cool. I am going to attempt to tuck in early tonight and get my beauty sleep for tomorrow’s interview.



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  1. Karen
    August 7th, 2009 @ 11:53 PM

    Shoes can take up so much room and add weight, so think about packing clothing that will not require a range of shoe colors. Metallic colors, such as silver, gold, or copper can be very versatile. Pack jewelery to coordinate with the shoes, and add belts and scarves to bring in contrasting colors. Pack a sweater that will coordinate with your color scheme. I love the gray sweatshirt dress/jacket. Such a versatile style, and this color pairs well with so many other colors.

  2. Pam Boyd
    August 31st, 2009 @ 12:10 PM

    Good choice for travel, pieces that resist wrinkeling.

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    October 11th, 2009 @ 11:06 PM

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