Day 26: Little Black Dress Experiment Tours to Tulsa, Oklahoma

Posted on | August 26, 2010

Beth Anderson-Chic Galleria Magazine
PHOTO LOCATION: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Heralded by Vogue as “a sort of uniform for all women of taste,” the little black dress was first introduced in the early 1920s my Coco Chanel.  It’s popularity grew with designers such as Dior, Givenchy and Bill Blass altering it’s length, bodice and trimmings to meet the trends of their time.  The little black dress is the one staple that every woman must have in their wardrobe.  As Editor-in-Chief of Chic Galleria magazine (, being part of The Little Black Dress Experiment Tour placed me in front of the third largest free-standing statue in the United States, the Golden Driller in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With the help of Ann Taylor, I’ve taken their classic little black shirtdress and styled it for Fall in Oklahoma.  Simply paired with amethyst tights from We Love Colors, black boots from Moxie Shoes and a large statement necklace designed by Elva Fields, my look fits my personality.  I classify my style as Chanel meets artistic flair. Never one to shy away from color, I kept the black theme with the boots and jewelry and brought in the rich shade of purple with the tights.  With the additional pair of turquoise tights sent to me by We Love Colors, I can change the look depending on my mood.  Boots are an obvious obsession of woman in the Sooner state, so it’s necessary to set the tone of the outfit with sophisticated classic western-style boots.  The ornate stitching on the side gives these Moxie boots chic style without being too over the top.  Paired with bold jewelry to balance the look from top to bottom, this outfit will be perfect for a press event or luncheon.

Dress: courtesy of Ann Taylor $148

Boots: courtesy of Moxie Shoes $158.  Matisse’s Trigger offers a classic Western silhouette with contemporary, playful detailing. Whether you love it for its rich leather, contrasting stitching, or metallic floral-inspired inlays, it will be a charming, versatile addition to your cool-weather wardrobe.

Tights: courtesy of We Love Colors $12.50.  Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Solid Color Tights. Thicker and softer 80 Denier Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Tights pleasant to skin very soft. Now available in 51 colors

Necklace: courtesy of Elva Fields $278.  “Never to Late”  This necklace has matte black glass and polished white coral beads with a vintage white jeweled and rhinestone flower brooch.  Sterling silver clasp.

Bracelet: courtesy of Brazilets $5.00 Wrap Brazilets around your wrist and tie three knots, making a wish with each knot. When your Brazilets naturally break down and fall off, it is believed that your three wishes will come true!

Earrings: vintage diamond studs.

Photo Credit: Jill Solomon Photography

BLOGGER BIO: Beth B. Anderson is the creator and President of Chic Galleria Publications, LLC, Editor-in-Chief of Chic Galleria magazine and Executive Director of The Concord magazine. She is a Lucky magazine Alpha Shopper as well as a member of The Runway and Style Coalition. Beth lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she has been featured on FOX23 Daybreak and in the Tulsa World. For additional bio information click HERE.

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2 Responses to “Day 26: Little Black Dress Experiment Tours to Tulsa, Oklahoma”

  1. Cindy
    August 26th, 2010 @ 6:39 PM

    You look FANTASTIC!! I LOVE this new take on the LBD.
    Of course… I’m also a huge fan of Ann Taylor, Moxie and Jill.
    Keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Lesley
    September 9th, 2010 @ 3:33 AM

    Love the look. I’m still stuck in the 1920s and 30s – the fabulous era of Art Deco, but the little black dress will never die!

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