Where Are They Now? With Caroline Claure

Posted on | December 3, 2016

I have to start the “Where Are They Now” series with Caroline Claure because she has been such a major part of Society Stylist throughout the evolution of my company. She was featured on Day one with the girls of Society Stylist, Lauren Hampton and Emilee Anne. You can check out her original feature here: [click image]


Day 1: Caroline Claure

While studying at TCU, Caroline worked for me here and there and in 2009, she was a rock-star assistant when I crazily decided to wear embark on the Little Black Dress Experiment. For a month I wore the same LBD, styling it differently each day. Read about it here: [click image]


Valerie Elizabeth on August 20, 2009 Little Black Dress Experiment

Over the course of the next year, lots of friends and bloggers reached out and said they would love to be involved in something like that. I pondered what that would look like and ultimately it became the “Little Black Dress Experiment Tours America.”

In 2010, Caroline graduated from TCU and was looking for her first job in the “real world.” She came to work for Society Stylist in June and she was baptized. She immediately began managing a team of interns and trying to help me get a handle on all the moving parts of my growing company. Anyone who has worked for me, with me, near me knows I can be a little full throttle to say the least. She burned the candle at both ends literally living in the office. Within a month of Caroline coming to work with me we were knee deep in planning the “Little Black Dress Experiment Tours America.”

  “Little Black Dress Experiment Tours America” became a way to connect brands, friends and bloggers I had made relationships with over the years. At the time Women’s Wear Daily deemed it cutting edge and gave us a shout out in their article “Marketing’s New Rage-Brands Sponsor Influential Bloggers” and over the last six years that concept has evolved to become a part of everyday marketing culture. Affiliate programs paired with blogger and influencer partnerships are key elements to most brands’ marketing programs. Click the image to read the full article:

Pause for a little background on how I met Caroline…

  In August of 1996, while completing my GE work at Orange Coast College, I went to the job resource center looking for a second job with flexible hours. I scoured the bulletin boards for possibilities and found a handwritten note-card, advertising a family looking for a babysitter. Old school, right?

  I immediately called the number, from my Motorola StarTac flip phone. The mother picked up and asked if I could come for an interview right then. Her three toddlers were lovely but she must have needed a break because she hired me on the spot. Soon I was referred to the family next door who had three school age girls. The middle daughter was eight year old, Caroline.


I went on to work regularly for her family until 1998. My daily routine during that time of my life was a little crazy. Often I would wake up at 4:30 in the morning and drive 45 minutes to their house to be there before their mom left for work. I would power-nap until Caroline woke me up to drive them to school. Then I would get ready and go to class myself at OCC and return to pickup the girls after school. When their mom got home I would head over to another one my jobs, either at Ralph Lauren or to babysit for the family next door. Whew, I am tired just thinking about it. It was such an intense period in my life that though we drifted apart for years, as the kids got older, I always remembered the girls fondly.  

Caroline was a super driven, organized child who knew exactly what she wanted and ran a tight ship. As an adult she was a super star. She fulfilled her commitment to work for me for a year and left likely exhausted and burned out but well equipped to deal with the craziest of office scenarios. She is by far one of the most loyal, hardworking, not to mention “awesome” people I know.

  Since leaving us full time in 2011 she has surely lived a much more balanced life. She now works for CHC Development. Well at least until I can convince her to relocate to Newport Beach, like I did, to live near her family and me. Hey, a girl can dream.  

She also moved back to her alma mater’s home in Fort Worth where she is a TCU football super fan. She lives with her college sweetheart, Brent, their two dogs Nani and Shooter and her 23 year old turtle Spooks who was just a baby when I worked for her family two decades ago. I think Spooks may outlive us all. She is an avid runner, who also manages to fit weight lifting and boot camp to her workout routine. She has completed her first half-marathon and plans to complete her next in 2017. She and Brent travel regularly to weddings around the country and across the globe and she is well on her way to Southwest Companion Pass status.


We reached out to her find out her favorite Little Black Dress in 2016 and she shared this classically styled, fitted Bevin sheath by one of my favorite designers Diane von Furstenberg. The attractive neckline, modest length and forgiving fabric make it a versatile dress you can wear to work or dress up for your next holiday party.

Diane von Furstenberg Bevin Sheath LBD

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Missoni Ribbed Body Con LBD

To keep up with Caroline on Social Media, follow her here:

Instagram: @caroclaure

Twitter: @caroclaure

Next up, we’ll catch up with Emilee Anne, former Society Stylist intern, sketch artist for the Little Black Dress Experiment book and the designer behind Emilee Anne.


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