Beauty: The Fresh Glow of Summer

Posted on | July 1, 2011


With the long winter seen round the globe this year, many of us are still debating if we should break out the flip flops or resign ourselves to a summer in tights. Even with the repeated cold fronts coming through I can assure you (and no I don’t have a background as a meteorologist) that summer will come. Maybe Spring will be skipped entirely but ultimately summer will arrive. When that day comes you will need to shed the tights, pants and other leg coverings. I know this may sound scary since you’ve seen the state of your skin recently but I’m going to gently remind you of the number one magical trick that will make your skin summer ready. And a few extras just for good measure.

Loofa A


If you only do one thing…invest in a fresh loofah and your choice of yummy smelling body wash. I personally prefer Loofah A over Loofah B as I believe it does the job without scratching or otherwise damaging the skin but it truly depends on the condition of your skin what you’ll need. If it’s been awhile since you have used a loofah (is it possible, never?) then maybe you should try Loofah B.

Loofa B


What is a loofah? I know some of you might mock this question but I have recently discovered a lot of people don’t know what they are, how to use them or why they would want to. A loofah is an exfoliating tool. What does exfoliate mean? Basically it is to remove the excess (dead) skin cells off the outer layer of the skin. Though there are many ways to “exfoliate” both inside and outside the spa the use of a loofah is both easy and effective. I find the simplest method is to start by selecting a liquid body wash you like (if you have sensitive skin avoid washes with too much fragrance.) Most skin care, perfume and make-up lines produce their own brand of body wash so you’ll find a wide selection of prices, types and sizes at your favorite department store. Or if you are just starting out you may want to take baby steps and pick one up at your local drug or grocery store or even the dollar store. The wash needn’t be expensive because let’s be honest beyond all the designer hoopla essentially it’s just soap.


Donna Karan Cashmere Mist

My splurge option is Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist Body Cleansing Lotion. It both washes and hydrates and is dual purpose in that you can use it to wash your delicates. It is priced about $36 for 6.7oz so it isn’t for the faint of heart. Looking for a good, inexpensive alternative? Dove body wash comes in a variety of types including “Sensitive Skin” “Gentle Exfoliating” and a special version for Men. It is priced at approximately $5 for 24oz so it is definitely a more economical choice.


Dove Body Wash

What to do once you’ve picked out a body wash and found the right loofah? Squeeze the body wash on the loofah and use the loofah as you would a wash cloth in the shower, gently scrubbing your skin to lossen the dead skin cells and wash them away. Sounds like a terrible process but you will love the results. The fresh skin underneath will have a nice glow and a nice smooth feel to the touch.


Want to take it up a notch? Pick up a complementary lotion and add “apply body lotion” to your daily beauty routine. Too hurried and impatient to wait for the lotion to sink in? My favorite trick (and yes I know it is wasting lotion so this is better done with an inexpensive variety) Rub the lotion on your body to get a good covering and then wipe whatever is not immediately absorbed off with a hand towel. This also keeps you from over-hydrating your skin. On that note…it is possible to over-exfoliate which can dry out the skin or over-hydrate which can put too much oil in the skin. Remember, moderation is key…with pretty much everything in life.


Still more? How about shaving your legs? Yes you, the one who has pretending that because you have tights on you can get away without shaving for weeks at a time. Oh and change your razor blade. Yes I know they are expensive and who wants to spend $15 on four blades but it’s time, let’s start this summer out right.


And finally get out there and get some sun. Be sure to wear appropriate sunblock and don’t overdue it but a bit of sunlight and vitamin D truly does a body good. So take some time and get your skin ready for summer because no matter the trend of the season, fresh glowing skin is ALWAYS in style.


Managing Editor: Karen Yannacio Morse


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