SOCIETY STYLIST Survival Kit: On-The-Go Bag JUST $25

Posted on | May 24, 2012

Just in time for the summer travel season the SOCIETY STYLIST ® Survival Kit: On-The-Go Bag has a great new price. At just $25, the kit is the perfect must-have solution to help you survive any fashion styling emergency.

The “Society Stylist® Survival Kit: On-The-Go Bag” includes endless solutions to help you survive any fashion styling emergency. The kit will arrive packaged in a stylish chocolate brown quilted bag by Perricone MD. The bag measures approximately 6x5x3, includes an interior pocket and features a wrap-around-zipper that provides easy access to the assortment of products you’ll receive in your On-The-Go Bag. Perfect for your desk, handbag, locker, or car— you won’t want to leave home without it. Be prepared to survive any fashion styling emergency. Check out the content list below to find out what’s inside.*



Survive any fashion styling emergency.


-Black Sharpie

-Bra Converter Clip

-Bra Extender

-Breath Freshener

-Hair Comb

-Hair Ties & Bobby Pins Set

-Hand Lotion

-Hand Sanitizer

-Lint Roller Mini

-Lip Balm

-Nail File

-Pocket Tissue

-Safety Pins

-Sewing Kit

-Shout Wipes

-Travel Brush & Mirror

-Travel Toothbrush & Toothpaste Set

*The exact item brand, color or type may vary slightly from items pictured. For further information about the contents of the “Society Stylist® Survival Kit: On-The-Go Bag” read the item description listings below.

ITEM NAME: Adjust-A-Button

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Arrive at work and realize a button is missing? Or worse it came off at lunch? Simply pop the Adjust-A-Button onto your clothes and lock in place, for pants tailored to you! Lose or gain weight recently? Easily add or remove inches to your pant waist whenever you need it. The Adjust-A-Button is great for adjusting suits, jeans and skirts. Also ideal for kids and maternity wear.

ITEM NAME: Black Sharpie

ITEM DESCRIPTION: You can’t imagine how this will come in handy and what all a black sharpie can fix in a pinch. Scuff a black shoe or get bleach on a black shirt? Even fix a chip in a piece of furniture. The original pen style permanent marker is the industry standard and is permanent on most surfaces; fade and water resistant, quick-drying ink AP certified nontoxic formula. We’d love to hear how you used your black sharpie.

ITEM NAME: Bra Converter Clip

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Bra strap slipping out of place at work? Pop into the restroom and conceal your bra straps with this Bra Converter Clip- a tiny comfortable attachment that works by hugging any two bra straps together at the middle of your shoulder blades. Prevents bra straps from being visible with t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, work out wear, racer back and so much more!

ITEM NAME: Bra Extender

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Band on your bra a little snug? Easily add up to two extra inches with this convenient extender. Designed for bra with two rows of hooks. Extenders come in either black, white or nude.

ITEM NAME: Breath Freshener

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Kill bad breath instantly. Fits easily in pockets, purses, backpacks and diaper bags.

ITEM NAME: Hair Comb

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Travel size comb, perfect for on-the-go hair styling, teasing, or de-tangling.

ITEM NAME: Hair Ties and Bobby Pins Set

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This hair emergency kit is packed with hair ties and bobby pins, a must have for every girl on-the-go. Need a quick fix for a hair emergency? Style your hair in ponytail with a convenient hair tie or tuck back fly-aways with these rubber-tipped bobby pins.

ITEM NAME: Hand Lotion

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Dry skin not only doesn’t look good, it also feels terrible. This pocket-sized lotion is great for on-the-go moisturizing.

ITEM NAME: Hand Sanitizer

ITEM DESCRIPTION: How many times have you felt the need to wash the germs off your hands and there wasn’t a sink in sight? This pocket-size hand sanitizer fits easily in pockets, purses, backpacks and diaper bags. Hand sanitizer can kill up to 99.99% of most common germs that may make you sick. It leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed with moisturizers and vitamin E. Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic formula.

ITEM NAME: Lint Roller Mini

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Who wants to go into a board meeting with cat hair covering their crisp black suit? This mini lint roller has perforated sheets and a one-piece handle is perfect for on-the-go use. Quickly remove lint from clothing and other surfaces. High-tack adhesive grabs even tough-to-remove pet hair. Features a lightweight, durable handle with a comfortable grip and smooth, quiet rolling action.


ITEM DESCRIPTION: Chapped lips are never fashionable. Keep your lips softened and protected. Helps heal and prevent dry, chapped lips. Have smooth, silky lips every day.

ITEM NAME: Nail File

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Don’t let a chipped nail ruin your whole look. These tiny files keep your nails shaped, smoothed, and shined to perfection, wherever you may go.

ITEM NAME: Pocket Tissue

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Whether you are having a bad day, are under the weather or just need to touch up your make-up these travel tissues are sure to save the day- take one with you, wherever you go.

ITEM NAME: Safety Pins

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Where is a safety pin when you need it? In your Society Stylist® Survival Kit, that’s where. Next time you find yourself needing a quick fix, reach into your kit and use one of 30 safety pins to fix your most recent styling emergency.

ITEM NAME: Sewing Kit

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Basic sewing kit for mending and quick repairs. Compact size fits easily into drawer, purse, briefcase or luggage. Designed with special compartments to hold products in place for easy access and storage.

ITEM NAME: Shout Wipes

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Shout Wipes are made portable, so you can use them to remove stains right away. Each wipe is individually wrapped so you can pack them in your purse or briefcase for use on-the-go.

ITEM NAME: Travel Brush & Mirror

ITEM DESCRIPTION: The perfect companion, this chic, mirrored compact opens to reveal a pop-up brush inside. Simply flip open the mirror and press your thumb against the bottom of the compact to pop out the brush. To close, gently press on the bristle tips with the center of your palm to retract the brush.

ITEM NAME: Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste Set

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This handy travel toothbrush provides a compact, self-contained way to refresh while you’re on the go. Includes travel-sized toothpaste.

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Fashion’s Living Canvas at the Hilton Anatole

Posted on | March 19, 2012

The Hilton Anatole and Team Motives Agency are pleased to announce Fashion’s Living Canvas, a refreshing alternative to your typical fashion show. Hosted by LeeAnne Locken and Steve Kemble, the even will take place on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. The Hilton Anatole’s Atrium II will become a stage for a very different kind of fashion show, where patrons can experience models transformed into works of art in front of their eyes, as they view radical makeup and hair transformations powered by Team Motives Agency professionals from 7PM – 8:30PM. Six local Texas designers will showcase their collections at this special runway event, as the models stride across a 180-foot runway underneath Rueben Margolin’s “Nebula” sculpture.

Showcasing native Texas talent, with an international flair, Fashion’s Living Canvas will feature clothing designs such as Society Language by Prashi Shah, IZAVEL by Isabel Varela, Melancholic Design by Jesse Thaxton, and Danh Ta, as well as jewelry designs by {Red-i} by Chelsea Bond and Haute in Hong Kong by Becca Jett. Master painter Sharon Hodges, a member of the DFW Face Painters Guild who was named the “First Place, Best All Around” at the 2005 Face and Body Art International Convention, will showcase her artistic interpretation of each designer’s final look. Fashion’s Living Canvas is expected to be one of Dallas’ premiere runway events of the year, and it will truly be an elegant event to see and be seen at.

All proceeds from VIP ticket sales will benefit The Fashionistas, a local non-profit who awards bi-annual scholarships to fashion students in Dallas. The event is open to the public and is complimentary. Light hors d’ouerves will be passed by the Hilton’s contemporary American bistro, Media Grill + Bar, and cash bars will be available for refreshments. The runway show will begin promptly at 8:30PM and there will be a live DJ for additional entertainment. Complimentary valet is also available at the Tower Entrance. Click here to get your tickets today at Eventbrite.
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Spring Clean Your Make-up

Posted on | March 12, 2012

As we all Spring forward we are regularly reminded that this is a great time to change the batteries in the smoke detectors. It also is a great time to clean out your make-up bag and clean your brushes. Though some recommend you clean your brushes weekly, I doubt many of you actually follow this advice. At minimum let the twice annual time change be a reminder to not just clean your brushes but clean all your make-up as well.

The excess make-up and dirt on your make-up products can be transferred to your skin when you apply your make-up which makes cleaning your make-up a regular must-do. Though some products last longer than their “shelf-life” may indicate remember mascara should be used right away and if you have any that’s been sitting around, throw it out as it can dry out and become an irritant for your eyes.

Go thru each article of make-up you have and determine if you should keep it or toss it. If you decide to keep it, be sure to clean it out and wipe away any dust or excess make-up residue, Keep a pad of paper and pen handy so you can write down anything you need to purchase next time you are out shopping at Sephora, Neiman Marcus, CVS or where ever you purchase your beauty favorites. If you have staple products you use quickly be sure to check online sales and gift with purchase events to make the most of your beauty dollars.
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Glamour Magazine Digital & Hardcopy Just $1

Posted on | March 11, 2012

Every once in awhile I get magazine promotions that seem worth passing on. Conde Nast is offering Glamour and Allure magazine subscriptions for just $1 an issue. And they will throw in a FREE Tote Set with your subscription. The thing I love about my Glamour subscription? It includes the digital version so I can flip thru it on my iPad and save all the pictures I love.

Get your subscription by clicking HERE.
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REMINDER to Spring Forward

Posted on | March 10, 2012

Tonight’s the night to set your clocks forward. Yes, we lose a whole hour. The good news? We get an extra hour of light for the next six months. So if you have clocks and watches that don’t update themselves, add “change clocks” to today’s “to-do” list (or at the latest tomorrow) or you’ll be real sad Monday when you roll into work an hour late.

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A Different Kind of Garlic Pill

Posted on | March 9, 2012

Thought I would share a quick trick I learned from my grandmother yesterday. It’s amazing what a wealth of information our elders are and what we can learn when we take the time to listen. I was going to make my Aunt Kay’s garlic potato recipe [see below] and asked my grandma where she kept her garlic. She replied by opening the freezer.

Much to my surprise she handed me a pill bottle [which I admit I had wondered what type of medicine needed freezing] and said the garlic was inside. Upon opening the bottle I discovered the individual cloves had been separated and put inside for fresh keeping. They were not frozen solid but somehow soft and ready to use. Some of you may have heard of this technique but since I hadn’t, I thought I would share. What a great way to keep garlic fresh.

I will put this down as my W.I.L.T. for the day “What I Learned Today.” What did you learn today?

Aunt Kay’s Garlic Potatoes

4 Potatoes [peeled and cubed]

4 Cloves of Garlic [peeled and minced]

2 Tablespoons Oil [I prefer olive oil but in a pinch use vegetable oil]

1 Tablespoon black pepper [I prefer freshly ground but any pepper is fine]

Mix all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl

Cover and cook for 15 minutes

Salt as desired

This can easily be adjusted up or down based on the number of people you are feeding. Not an exact science so don’t worry if you put a little more or less, it will still taste yummy.
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Hidden Treasure: Jeans that Fit

Posted on | March 8, 2012

As a child I had the same long legs as I do now but they were a bit more stick skinny and thus even harder to fit properly. Back then there wasn’t the option to get Gap long length jeans or discount designer lines at Target so most of the time my jeans were either too short or too big, The sheer torture of trying jeans on back then haunts me to this day. I attempt to avoid trying jeans on at any cost, I typically make a specific trip of “searching for jeans” only when I have rested, eaten and am in a good frame of mind.

Last month I went into Buffalo Exchange for my semi-annual wardrobe trade-in/new wardrobe treasure hunt. As I waited for more than three hours for them to complete my trade, a pair skinny jeans with a great wash beckoned my from a nearby rack. I don’t typically have good luck trying on jeans and I certainly wasn’t well-rested or fed so the ONLY reason I was inspired to try these jeans on is they were a measly $11. How could I pass that up? I added the jeans to my other 40 or so pieces to try on and headed to the dreaded dressing room.

The jeans were one of the first pieces I tried on and they not only fit but they fit great and were comfortable beyond belief. In fact, I was so wary I wore them as I tried on all the rest of my items, even dresses. By the end I had cut some pieces out of the buy pile but the jeans were going home with me. After a few times of wearing them I thought I should see if they were something I could buy more of. When I was up at New York Fashion Week I asked my friend to look at the tag and see where they were from. H&M.

This was a REALLY good sign. H&M was so well priced I thought if they still had this cut the price was sure to be great. I thought since there was an H&M on every other block I’d be able to pick some up. Little did I know I was about to come down with strep throat and be quarantined to my hotel room. Thankfully H&M came to Dallas last year so I consoled myself with the thought of being able to pick some up at home. Nearly a month later I finally made it to H&M and was thrilled to find they did still carry the jeans and they were priced at $39.95. Not as good as an $11 trade price at Buffalo Exchange but not bad all the same.

If you love stretchy, skinny jeans but don’t like how they can start stretching thru the day and become low-rise by lunch time try the H&M Regular, Slim Fit style. While it certainly isn’t a pair of mom-jeans they waist comes in more than the hips and fits that girlish figure many of us moms have developed.
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Keeping Up With the Times

Posted on | March 7, 2012

I remember as a child [back in the pre-cell phone, pre-internet, pre-anything era] going to the airport to pick up some family friends at LAX only to discover their flight was hours late. Since the traffic in LA was horrific, even then, we decided to wait it out. I made it my goal to collect as many of those Smart Carte’s as I could because back then for each one you returned you got a quarter. Though I must have collected nearly 100 carts the amount of money I collected was under $20. I hadn’t had to pay for the cart to begin with (and was only about eight) so the refund was pure profit but for the people who paid a $3.00 rental the $0.25 wasn’t a great return. In fact, I don’t think they even do the return refund anymore. For the company though allowing people to rent their carts is a revenue source that just keeps on giving. With the increase in suitcases with wheels and people packing lighter to avoid “checked bag” fees it looks like Smart Carte has come up with another great product to meet travelers needs, rental chargers.

Is your phone dying? Laptop need a boost? The company that brought you the Smart Carte brings you “The Charge Carte” Rapid Charger. A great product for a reasonable price and even more an excellent example of how a long trusted company is keeping up with the times, using a replicable business model to increase revenue.

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Ashard Richley Trunk Show at Krimson & Klover

Posted on | March 6, 2012

Want a chance to see the designs of Ashard Richley, winner of Lifetime’s 24 Hour Catwalk, in person. And maybe pick up a fabulous new clutch for Spring? Pop into Krimson & Klover Wednesday between 6:30-8:30PM and be the first to get your hands on one.

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Fashionably Outfitting My Kindle

Posted on | March 5, 2012

If you read yesterday’s post, you know I have made an “investment” in having a Kindle in my life. One I haven’t been disappointed with to date. As I am now on my “3rd Kindle” I made the decision Friday to find a padded case just to ensure it was extra protected for my next journey. I recently received my Staples Rewards Dollars and Office Max Perks Certificate so I thought certainly I’d be able to find something there, for FREE!!! Saturday morning I was headed to brunch when, to my surprise, the concierge stopped me on my way out of the building carrying a pink polka dot gift bag and said someone had dropped it off for me. What could it be?

The gift, a surprise from my dear friend Marie, full-time owner of SkinSpaMed and occasional Society Stylist “Style Correspondent,” was a fabulous Lanvin zippered travel-wallet.

And guess what??? It was just big enough for a Kindle. My Kindle is now “Fashionably Outfitted.” Thanks Marie!!!

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